First Impressions: Nintendo Internet Browser & Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo 3DS finally gets the update that everyone was waiting for. But was it worth the wait? The Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming team takes a look at Nintendo’s newly-extended online service and discusses what’s good and bad about it. With Project Café just hours away from being unveiled, we consider Nintendo’s 3DS online functionality while taking the rumours about Project Café’s seriously buffed online services into account. What is it that Nintendo are trying to do?

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user8586212690d ago

Really want to see what kind of 3dsi ware gets released since nintendo dont have a size cap this time around

beast242tru2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

vita will destroy this

you guys must be nintendo loyalist i knw the ds is strong brand but vita specs are krazy over the top and its same price as 3ds any person with a brain would go for vita IMO

user8586212690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

lol good joke brah, psp destroyed teh DS ;)

VampiricDragon2690d ago

nice try trolling. The next time you need to reassure yourself. Do it in your head.

matey2690d ago

3ds specs are 2x picca 200 running 200mhz/400mhz and a dual core cpu running at 600 mhz so thats a gpu possibility of 800mhz and a cpu of 600 mhz in terms of graphics the 3ds can do just as good as vita oh the 3ds does 15 million polygons per 100mhz i get the real info off the picca 200 patent 4 3ds and the patent 4 the 3ds it self gives all these specs

DA_SHREDDER2690d ago

I just got 2 free games, but the web browser is garbage. Its sorta meh, i was expecting a really good web browser but it sucks

typikal822690d ago

A web browser and store the likes the PSP has never seen! Oh wait, its on par with the 4 year old Wii browser. That's sad.

matey2690d ago

wii browser is better than ps3 so there m8 and the 3ds browser is better than wii

antihiroprotagonist2690d ago

I had thought Netflix was confirmed to be coming in this update...Pretty dissapointed with that, and the lack of youtube in the "web browser"