Final Fantasy XIII-2 - audio interview - QTE's for battle system, no story details yet

Square Enix didn't reveal any story details of Final Fantasy XIII-2 at E3 2011. In an audio interview Square Enix do announce Quicktime Events for the battle sytem of Final Fantasy XIII-2. You could listen to the interview at the end of the article in the source.

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FACTUAL evidence2718d ago

Wow the HUD is ugly already......just give us a FF15, and let the people who made 7,8,9, and 10 handle it.

Troll-without-Bridge2718d ago

Dude seriously? Why dont you just admit you came here already willing to hate regardless of what the game shows you?

Fans complain about everything to the point where they become irrelevant because they dont have any constructive criticism to add, only mindless bashing.

Pintheshadows2718d ago

I'm here to join in. He is right. The HUD is ugly. Also QTEs? In the voice of Joe Rogan, "are you kidding me?"

MinusTheBear2718d ago

I have another bone to pick with the game; WHY THE HELL DID THEY PICK JOHNNY YOUNG BOSCH TO DO THE VOICE OF THE PROTAGONIST, I CAN'T STAND TO HEAR HIS VOICE ANYMORE. Sorry but this is a no buy if there are no original Jap language on the Blu-ray.

Star512718d ago

@factual evidence

I'l add to that list some of the minds behind 6 and 10.
But i'm not ready for ff15 just yet, when VERSUS is almost done (i hope) already. If they announce FF15 now, it wont release until 2015 at the earliest. which, other than numerical coincidence is not worth the painfully agonizing wait.
I just hope they divorce themselves of these "new" futuristic environments and return to the old rust and shield mythos of FF legend

AAACE52718d ago

The gameplay looks a bit better, but it just doesn't seem right for some reason! Kinda got that FFX-2 feel to it.