First video of Katamari creator's new PS3 game, Nobi Nobi Boy

You may remember that a few months ago Keita Takahashi had surprised everyone by announcing Nobi Nobi Boy, even if it was thought he'd quit games after Katamari Damacy. Takahashi was at the GameCity 2007 in Nottingham today with a playable prototype of the game, with just an empty background and no "back story".

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shmee4671d ago

This is the Japanese version of LBP i guess

It would sell among the Japanese no doubt plus the white ps3 could do wonders for SONY in JAPAN

Blackmoses4671d ago

Damn!!!! where the hell can I get the sh%# he's smokin'?

Rhaigun4671d ago

...this is what gaming needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have an intense round of GoW, and think to yourself, "Man, I need something to chill out." This could be that something. There's no overt threat of dying. There's no bomb getting ready to blow. It's just mindless, simple fun, but still odd enough to keep it interesting and less kiddy.

MK_Red4671d ago

Awesome and cute.
With games like Echochrome, Little Big Planet and this, PS3 is outinnovating the Wii.

Evil0Angel4671d ago (Edited 4671d ago )

"...ps3 is outinvoating apple-pie.."
you funny guy

HarryEtTubMan4671d ago

And what innovations has the Wii came up with besides a motion sensing controller??????(PS3 has that too durrrrr) Nothing How about the games??? DURRR Nothing but the same gimmiky motion controls over and over... enire games shouldn't be based around the motion controls... the motion controls should be used to make the game a better experience. The wii is a gamecube with motion controls... the PS3 is the most innovative machine on the market... they're using bluray for games dummy.

DrPirate4671d ago

I'll add to this. Not that the PS3 is a leader in innovation and conceptualization, but don't let the Wii fool you into thinking that it's a pioneer and an innovator of this video game generation.

Top sellers on the Wii: Wii Play, Carnival Games, Mario Party 8, Zack and Wiki (Which is actually quite awesome, so count this one out of the example).

This is innovation to you? Ok.

ruibing4671d ago

The video was worth a few giggles, but I'd like to see a more finalized version of the game. This can be a pretty good PSN release.

UltramanJ4671d ago

Personally the most innovative things I've seen so far this generation are achievements (can't live without them now), and the new Sony playing card game with the Eyetoy (Eye of Judgement?). Wiimote is different, but you're still doing the same stuff as in any other control pad type game.

mesh14671d ago

MK red ur a no body not cause u spend all ur time posting crap on here does not mean u have any affect or are known in the game world or even have any knowledge about games ur just like every 1 else on this site sonyfanboy mk red ,this game is garbage btw i cant see how this is a game 6 characters moving around on a screen yawn

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