PS3-Exclusive Dev Jumps Ship For Microsoft

NowGamer: Relentless Software, the UK studio behind PS3 titles Buzz! and Blue Toad Murder Files has announced a partnership with Microsoft...

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Wizziokid2878d ago

wow another kinect game...

just_looken2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

yep and another type of game that has been done yrs ago oh well this dev can buzz off (get it)

Edit: here is a video of there new "game"

skip2mylou2878d ago

what did i just watch!!!?

Knushwood Butt2878d ago

I like this comment:

'Fuck that I want Kinect Meth Lab'.

GrieverSoul2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

This is old news. They announced it a while ago.
And its not that Relentless is owned by Microsoft or Sony. They are just making a game that takes advantage of kinect. Why does the title tries to incite flame wars? Reletless could easily announce a PS3 title later down the road. They havent abandoned ship because they were never in it to begin with.

badz1492878d ago

Nowgamer? More like out-of-date gamer suits you guys better! Fail attempt at trolling plus fail for not knowing an old news! This is a 2nd degree fail and they really need this:

SilentNegotiator2878d ago

"the UK studio behind PS3 titles Buzz! and Blue Toad Murder Files"

What a loss!!

MaxXAttaxX2878d ago

to make something huge out of it via the title alone.

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FACTUAL evidence2878d ago

MS wasn't lying when they said kinect is their future....Well it won't be mine, sorry MS.

ngecenk2878d ago

I'm surprised how I really dont care!

JsonHenry2878d ago

So, do Kinect games sell really well or something? I'm watching the videos from E3 so far and all I see are Kinect games. I'm assuming they must sell well for everyone and their brother to be making kinect games. Or is it just wishful thinking?

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Zir02878d ago

Don't blame them the Move attach rate is non-exsitent. At least the people who buy Kinect buy its games.

No Move exclusive software has moved over 1m and it apparently shipped 8ml units, either its hugely overshipped or people just aren't using it.

FlashXIII2878d ago

Well how many move only games have actually been released for ps3? Sony are spending more time trying to incorporate it into their existing games so that truly EVERYONE can benefit from it as opposed to just casual families.

user8586212878d ago

therefor defeating the purpose of getting the move since I can play all those with a controller...

macky3012878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

waseem335 ,.. I really don't see it that way,..

You get a totally different experience, precision,.. feeling,.. try playing resi4 on a wii,.. More mouse or light gun like of experience

What 360 guys have is a bunch of really kiddy shit,.. Your own company treats you like 3 year olds and infants,.. that made me laugh ,.. Elmo's world and Mickey mouse,.. Even Nintendo (though there is a lot of kiddy shit,.. they probably are still aiming at teens and not 3year olds primarily)

IRetrouk2878d ago

tell that to socom, killzone, lbp, resi, infamous 2, ratchet. like it or not move has been a hit for sony with plenty more steam to go, i dont really like either motion controls, but the truth is the truth.

Tachyon_Nova2878d ago

Mass Effect 3 with Kinect mean anything? What about all future Tom Clancy games with Kinect? How about many upcoming sports games with Kinect? How about Forza with Kinect? Child of Eden? Gears of War Exile?

All of those games are hardcore games with non compulsory Kinect integration.

rdgneoz32878d ago

@Tachyon_Nova The "non compulsory Kinect integration" may be true, but what about the whole "you are the controller" crap? Weren't you suppose to be able to play great games like ME3 and Tom Clancy games without a controller, since using a controller with them is basically making it an expensive Eye Toy / PSEye. Hell, other games have done voice commands using mics, one being a certain "Tom Clancy" game (cough End War).

STONEY42878d ago

"Mass Effect 3 with Kinect mean anything?"

I personally wouldn't want to be caught saying lines like that to my TV. The demonstration made me cringe.

"How about Forza with Kinect?"

Breaking and accelerating for you, allowing you to only steer? I see nothing hardcore in that, and it defeats the entire purpose of being a "sim". If you want to "kinect" with the game, get a wheel. It's more than worth it.

Not commenting on the other titles since I haven't seen anything of them, but Child of Eden does look great.

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fei-hung2878d ago

Relentless studio games are not move based but based on their own peripheal i.e The BUZZ Controllers.

OT: They have not jumped ship. That would indicate they are now Exclusively making games for MS and will not make games for any Sony Entertainment product.

This article merely states they have a partnership on making a game for the Kinect.

IMO, what many publishers will soon realise working on the Kinect is what many 3rd party publishers realised working on the Wii. Only a handful of titles will sell, the rest will bomb!

Optical_Matrix2878d ago

What games? There hasn't been a new Kinect release in over half a year. Why would you support a device when games for it only appear every November/December, with the rest of the year being dryer than Ghandi's flip flops.

Tired2878d ago

What has this got to do with the move?

They already said ages ago that they were very successful on ps2...but they had a much broader resource pool because everyone had one.

They themselves have put their poor sales with buzz and such down to the fact that the ps3 audience as it stands is far more mature than the demographic for their games.

I don't blame them...I hope they do well.

paintsville2878d ago

I don't blame them. With the PSN fiasco, slowing ps3 sales, and non-existtent MOVE, this will be a goo decision for them.

P_Bomb2878d ago

Um, Move and Kinect are two totally different animals software wise as Move was designed to work with hardcore games and not just kiddy crap shovelware.

KZ3, Heavy Rain, MAG, Socom, Dead Space Extraction, even the upcoming BioShock Infinite have Move controls. You completely miss the point of what people use it for. Congrats.

frostypants2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Microsoft is pushing Kinect-required shovelware for their motion controller.

Sony is largely incorporating Move into "normal" games organically.

I'm not a fan of either tech...I said it was a gimmick with Wii and I still do, but the above is a HUGE difference. At least Sony is treating it as an OPTIONAL accessory in many games, which I think is the proper approach and better for us as gamers.

Motion-controller shovelware isn't for gamers. It's strictly for parties.

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Styxoric2878d ago

lul they can have them.

Hellsvacancy2878d ago

Devastin news ay, not gonna be able to sleep well tonight now

kane_13712878d ago

you just love to troll don't you?

kuge4562878d ago

They haven't seen this year's E3,PROBABLY.

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