360 Magazine: E3 2011 Microsoft's Worst Yet?

360 Magazine’s Deputy Editor laments Microsoft’s focus on the casual market...

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iamnsuperman2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

One of there problem was most of there stuff was already leaked but the major problem was they thought that Halo 4 and showing Kinect used in games like Ghost Recon (which by the way seems a little expensive just to strip a rifle apart and very gimmicky) would satisfy the fans. It hasn't. They still have not come up with a hardcore title for the Kinect

Yi-Long2743d ago

... but while I don't know exactly what 'hardcore' does mean, I know this kind of implementation isn't it.

We just want good games we can enjoy with a controller, instead of standing around like a monkey at the zoo in front of our TV.

This was absolutely horrible.

gaffyh2743d ago

The gameplay for Ghost Recon with Kinect looked horrible, but I actually kinda liked the gun stripping thing. Only thing that annoyed me was that the voice controls could easily be done with a standard microphone, but they seem to be implementing the good voice controls through Kinect only. Meaning they will force you to buy a camera, for a function that only requires a microphone.

Still not going to get Kinect, no matter how good the ME3 integration looked.

Yi-Long2743d ago

... when you buy Ghost Recon, how much time do you plan to spend on stripping your gun with Kinect!?

You'll just want to sit down and start your missions and play the game.

It's a waste of development-effort and money.

Tachyon_Nova2743d ago

@ gaffyh, the confirmed that voice control can be done without Kinect if I'm not mistaken.

AAACE52743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Overall... I am not impressed with MS' E3!

RYSE could be the hardcore game Kinect needs, but I have no intention to buy it!

I thought I would be excited for a Halo remake, but i'm not. Halo 4 either.

Gears 3, Forza 4 are the only MS titles worth looking at.

Otherwise, it will be like every other year and i'll buy more 3rd party games than anything.

So on 360 i'll get Gears 3 and Forza 4. And on Ps3 i'll get Uncharted 3 and Twisted Metal.

One thing that pissed me off was nothing from Rare again! Yeah they announced their f*ckin Kinect game, but for the amount of money MS paid for them, they should be pissing games out left and right! Kinect games aren't that hard to make! They could have one done every 4 months.

These f*ckers better be building for the next console while we wait!

Yi-Long2743d ago

... I LOVED the first Forza on my old Xbox.

Then came Forza 2, which was basically Forza HD or Forza 1.5, and missing the nice Japanese PTP level.

Forza 3 again looked a bit better, played a bit better, yet once again the focus was on more cars with more polygons, and it lacked enough new original tracks.

... and it seems Forza 4 won't have a huge amount of new fun original tracks either, so once again we'll be racing on the same old tracks AGAINNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnn....

... and quite frankly, that's getting pretty damn boring.

I really don't care about a racing game having a billion stunningly crafted cars. I care about the tracks I race on and how fun they are and how gorgeous they look!

Forza 4 needs to have a lot more new and fun environments to race through to get me interested in it again. Or include your own track-creator or something.

Oh, and the announcement of 'monthly expansions' (read; DLC-milking) already means I won't be getting it!

gaffyh2743d ago

@Tachyon - If true, then that's great, I'll have another reason not to get Kinect. The only reason I assumed it was Kinect only was because they kept calling it "Kinect Voice" in the conference.

Lawliet2743d ago

And some idiots think that saying OPEN DOOR , CLOSE DOOR is hardcore! WTF?!

sikbeta2743d ago

Guys, stop it already, MS goes for the money and kinect was made for that, there is no way, they'd ditch the possibility of showing stuff and hell lot of support for it...

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movements2743d ago

It was Sony's worst yet too.

Valkyre2743d ago Show
BiggCMan2743d ago

Its nice that Sony knows when they messed up though. Jack threw some jokes around regarding Ridge Racer back in 2006, and Kaz knocked on Jacks awful tie, good times. It was definitely not their worst, your just trolling. It was not quite as good as last year though, having Gabe Newell, Twisted Metal, and Kevin Butler in it. But the perfect Vita price was a real treat, Bioshock on Vita, and Infinite with Move support. The Uncharted 3 cruise level was mind blowing on all levels. It was a good conference man.

Why o why2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

HA! Tell you what. You sound like one of the demographics MS is now focusing on and ill give you a clue....its NOT the soccer moms.

Show core games more than casual and 360 magazine wouldn't need to be asking this question.

I heard somebody likening Kinects support to that of a cancer....Personally i wouldnt put my mouth on that but MS's support for kinect is a step in the right direction...IF ONLY MS showed this much vigor towards what their foundation wanted. Sony also had a lot of move and 3d being uttered in every sentence but guess what....the games keep coming. NO 6+ months gaps without a full retail title dropping.

Next year looks like its gunna be the year of the Kinect NOT the year of the 360.....OH, Trettons tie and jacket were awful

guigsy2743d ago

Nah Sony's E3 2006 was a disaster.

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SuperLupe2743d ago

I completely agree with this article from a to z. Nothing more to add.

Inside_out2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Kinect was always meant to be a casual device. At best, it should be used to add to the experience...not replace it, and it's in this area where Kinect will excel with head tracking, voice control...etc.

I thought the press conference was quite good. MW3 was expected and blew everyone away with fantastic, Hollywood like blockbuster action. Tomb Raider made Indiana drake look like a romance novel with gritty game play and a deep, dark story that shocked everyone. Gears of course look great. The Halo announcement was expected but fantastic non the less and Halo 4 looked crazy and over the top....then the Kinect stuff started...

I didn't like the length of the Kinect showing but they had to show the casual market ( Families and girlfriends ) that it would be nice to pick up a Kinect camera/sensor ( and a 360 ) this holiday and in this area it worked.

Now, there was a lot of information missing from that press conference. I went to the washroom and made some lunch so a I may of missed it but where was all the skype news, new windows 8 is coming in 2012 and no information on many other games that will be coming like Alan wake, Steel Battalion, mechassault...why not???

M$ is keeping it's cards very close to their chest and I still believe you will see Halo 4 on a new console holiday 2012 with windows 8 and everything else M$ is working on like skype. They will want to right there and they don't want Sony or Nintendo to have a chance to respond.

Btw...I agree with the article in parts. The casual focus was far too deep and not announcing at least 1 new IP for the hardcore in 2012 is tough to swallow but like I said earlier...2012 will hold many surprises...remember, they announced the 360 S at E3 last year and it was available right away...same thing and see.

So far for me...Far Cry 3 owned the show. Loved all the games but this one will be GOTY material, just like the first one which is obviously the big influence, both in story and game play. Can't wait to see Nintendo press conference today.

DigitalRaptor2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

"Kinect was always meant to be a casual device. At best, it should be used to add to the experience...not replace it, and it's in this area where Kinect will excel with head tracking, voice control...etc."

Be honest and be serious. You're only saying that because what was shown at E3 for the "core" Kinect games was completely and utterly underwhelming, unsatisfactory, and not showing the epic potential you thought they would. They've let people down on that front. You were one of the people championing the list of core games on Kinect so don't pretend you weren't.

Kinect will excel in head-tracking and voice-control? Are you for real? Features that can be easily peformed with $10 headsets and even the outdated PS Eye that doesn't cost you $150. My word, Microsoft has got you.

"2012 will hold many and see."

- Bu-bu-bu-but wait and see. Microsoft will blow you away! LOL

chriski3332743d ago

By far the most dissatisfying xbox E3 show

Brosy2743d ago

I hate Kinect its a gimmick just like Move and the Wii. I want better graphics, physics, and a.i. played with a traditional controller. I am a core gamer and they are feeding us casual shovelware. Its all about the graphics and Microsoft Sony and Nintendo need to take notice. Its always been about the graphics since the NES, Turbo grafix-16 and Playstation. We want graphics not some half assed motion control.

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Antholex2743d ago

I think one of the main problems was that out of all the games they showed only one (if I'm not mistaken) featured no form of Kinect, which was Gears of War 3.

news4geeks2743d ago

ironic considering Cliffy's words about kinect.

edhe2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

What, that he doesn't want to add a tacked-on feature to his game?

... no, no it's not ironic.

r1sh122743d ago

looks like nintendo will win again

theonlylolking2743d ago

Nintendo only won last year for zelda fans. If you were not a zelda fan then they were bad. I am not a zelda fan so they were no where near the best last year. For me it was either EA or sony last year.

Valk2743d ago

Nintendo always wins IMO because they innovate. Sure some fanboys will give it to Sony for ripping off the DS features for their portable but copying doesnt get a win. Same reason Sony didnt win by showing off Move.

I'd be shocked if Sony ever came up with anything on their own. Hell they suck so bad at controllers they are still using the design they made with Nintendo 3 gens ago and the only new controller was a direct copy of the Wii controller.

Biggest2743d ago

They innovate? Kinda how they innovate the same franchises over and over again? Or how about how they innovated shovelware games that feature the same exact controls with a different skin? Or did you mean how they stepped up and introduced the world to standard definition graphics?

Valk2743d ago

Shouldnt you be drooling over the 3rd Uncharted in as many years?

Your second point is jsut cokpletely stupid. They all use the exact same controller so of course they'll use the exact same controls. How is that even a valid point? So what 360/PS3 games are the analog stick controls switched? How is that a good thing? I get use to WASD to move, Mouse to look on PC and I hate when games do not have that set as default for controls.

Gotta stop now. The Nintendo conference is starting and I want to see what Sony will be copying in the next few years. Peace out.

FlashXIII2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Wow I'm shocked a 360 magazine actually came out with an article like this. I guess being a journalist gaming fanatic and working exclusively for the 360 must be very depressing and they can only take so much more. It's sad that it won't effect this generation but fingers crossed it will cost Microsoft next generation and they'll be left to ponder their mistakes.

Great article actually and couldn't agree more especially with the ending. Best gaming year ever for eight year old girls!

jimmins2743d ago

We're independent and we (360 Magazine) speak our minds no matter what.

We're not robots ;)

IRetrouk2743d ago

have to admit, the mag is actually better than the offical one, no bull and no hyping s..t.

Yi-Long2743d ago

... but I certainly wouldn't want them to fail in the consolemarket.

If you want great games and affordable prices, you need big companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all having to compete with each other so'll they be forced to bring their A-game to the table.

Something Microsoft right now is absolutely failing to do, because they're still hoping Kinect will be a huge success, which it might be to a new audience, but the gamers are having none of it.

IRetrouk2743d ago

i dont want them to fail either, but what i do want is games, so far all i want is gears and forza, halo im not the biggest fan of, same with any fps really, so that leaves me with very little to play other than multis, which i buy on ps3, especialy as you get extras with the ps3 versions lately

Septic2743d ago

Wow fanboy comment much? It's sad how you're almost beckoning MS and the 360 to fail.

Ninver2743d ago

It was so bad i'd hold mediocrity to a higher standard.