E3 Kobe Bryant Makes Surprise Appearance at Sony Press Conference, Plays Some NBA 2K12 [3D Video]

An exclusive 3D video of Kobe Bryant making a surprise appearance at Sony's E3 Press Conference where he played some NBA 2K12 Basketball with the 2K Sports folks on stage.

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trounbyfire2691d ago

OMFG i hated this part it slowed down things and was boring WHY EVEN PUT THIS IN the brefing

ForROME2691d ago

Totally lame, he didnt even know how to play, probably paid him a week before the show and the guy was pressing buttons for him, lame

SONY rocked it last year this year was a let down, should have brought kevin back

2691d ago
Nes_Daze2691d ago

Using Move in the game looked unnecessary, but Kobe Byrant being there will attract some NBA fans towards Playstation brand.

Fishy Fingers2691d ago

"Plays some NBA"...

'Play' is a bit generous isnt it. Didnt have a single clue what he was doing.

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