New Free DLC Coming for Red Dead - Rockstar Fan Appreciation

Rockstar Games have today revealed that entirely FREE DLC is coming very soon as a show of appreciation for the support from fans since the game’s release last year. The new DLC will include new fan-favorite playable multiplayer characters by popular demand as well as something for all players of Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, Gang matches and other online modes.

More details will be revealed soon!

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dangert2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

awwwww thats nice ...O_o

Marcello2690d ago

Would be nicer if they gave PC gamers the chance to show some appreciation.

cogniveritas2690d ago

I guess they expected PC gamers to put work into modding GTA4 into RDR, they would really appreciate dedication like that!

WhiteLightning2690d ago

I thought it would of been nice if they done one more big DLC like Undead Nightmare and tell another Alternative story where the Goverment went for John early but they kill Abby and Jack instead and John goes off on a rampage of revenge to take the two goverment guys down.

Least then he could of ended up with Bonnie Mcfarlane at the end of the game and this time he would of survived...hell they could of even had RD3 continue after this ending instead.

ijkabob2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

That's awesome when developers do stuff like this.

Like when MAG kept coming out with updates and when Activision gave away the free DLC for MW2 and black ops instead of screwing the fans over.

Darkseeker2690d ago

You better include a 2x XP week-end with that DLC.

Yes, they do 3x XP event, but 2-3 hours in one day is far from enough.

DirtyLary2690d ago

Great game.

One of the few that worked right out of the box in this era of dlc and patches.

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