Gamer's Corner: A Guide To Skyrim's Wildlife

Gamer's Corner analyses the known wildlife in Skyrim one creature at a time;

"Skyrim consists of a large openworld realistically populated by flora, fauna and peoples. In this article we are going to take a close look at the wildlife known to date. Creatures live interdependent lives, staying within their habitats and hunting according to their place in the food chain. As you cross a tundra area it's perfectly reasonable to expect to see a Sabre Toothed Cat hunting a herd of Mammoth"

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Drakesfortune2691d ago

i am looking forward to this...most anticipated game its been a long time coming

terrordactyl2691d ago

True, the E3 video in particular is stunning.

likedamaster2691d ago

Game looks so good. Was running on 360 at the show. Imagine PC?