PS Vita: New Game Revealed- Smart As

Check out this first video for the new PS Vita: Smart As

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Shanks2875d ago

Its called Sound Shape.

gameseveryday2875d ago

apologies...updated the video. Now dont vote me down with disagrees.

Joni-Ice2875d ago

Smart As...Buying day 1. I love these types of games. Also love the social network features. AMAZING.

NeoBasch2875d ago

I don't usually support casual games, but this looks really good. There's nice artistic touches, and I love the brain teasers with the Six-Axis. Good stuff.

Joni-Ice2875d ago

@ NeoBasch...Fair enough. But I "TRY" to support all games and developers. Gotta keep the industry flowing and lively.

Etseix2875d ago

for me it was ok until i saw the social / network options, damn that looked great o_O

Offtopic: it was just me, or somebody else noticed
Machinarium and Leon (from RE) on the trailer while the NGP was introduced? can this mean something ?

Redrum0592875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

can anyone give some info about the $299.99 3G version. do i have to pay an aditional fee per month for the internet access of 3G or what. the reason i ask is cause i have a droid phone under "Cricket"(a cheap independant no-contract phone service)(its an ok service for its $50-per month) and b4 i connected my phone, the 3G was always activated and was able to access the internet even though the droid was not connected to any phone service when i obtained it.

so do i have to get some at&t plan for the 3G to wrk or will i have internet access without it. because if so, im so getting the 3g VITA.

Joni-Ice2875d ago

You would have to get a 3G data plan from AT&T.

blackburn102875d ago

Oh Smart AS. I thought at first it was a play on words and was Smart @$$. I really did.

MRHARDON2875d ago

Me too...I was like, "woah....cleaver name"

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