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GR-UK: "It interweaves genuine feelings of disgust, fear and terror with the sort of seamless ability that you've grown to expect only from the finest horror films."

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Mykky2742d ago

I have never gotten into Tom Raider but I'm totally getting this, looks very exciting. Reminds me a bit of Uncharted too. (Not a bad thing)

frozenfish2742d ago

The game looks great but am I the only one not digging the glowing objects 'spidey sense' power?? Really takes away from the otherwise uncompromising realism in my opinion...

fourthpersonview2742d ago

That's not spidey senses. It's a woman's intuition. lulz

BTW Im kind of worried about the direction the game is going. From what I've seen from the trailer & gameplay, the game seems to be a survival "horror" rather than an action-adventure game like its predecessors.

Jack-Dangerously2742d ago

LOL "woman's intuition" They should seriously call it that. XD

ElementX2742d ago

I like the direction it's going because the last few games have been garbage.

Inzo2742d ago

I love the TR series and I hope this does well. Seems to be taking a bit from Uncharted which can only be good, what concerns me though is that the exploration aspect has taken a dip.

Pintheshadows2742d ago

I didn't expect this to look good at all. I take it back.

I will say one thing. Lara voiceactor is awful. It sounds like she is reading off a page.

stuntman_mike2742d ago

looking real good cant wait to stare at her arse all over again lol.