Sony Reinvents Split Screen Gaming via PlayStation Branded 3DTV

Sony made history!Their new 24″ 3DTV recently announced at E3, will have dedicated split screen – meaning that when you play a slip-screen 3D enabled game with a buddy — you will be able to see your own screen without having to split the 24 inches. Check out the image to see..

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iamnsuperman2716d ago

I can see why they have done this but still not really going to get one. I have a 26" LG TV and if I am going to get another it will be bigger over being 3D. I hope though this has a knock on effect for 3D TV manufactures who release 3D TVs much cheaper now

IRetrouk2715d ago

to be honest you can get a 40" tv in uk for 499 now, geting one in 4 weeks, though it will be a bigger samsung one.

Max Power2715d ago

You can get a 40" 3D tv for 499?

anh_duong2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

destroys relationship but wouldn't mind it if i can play ps3 at the same time as my other half watches desparate housewife

so not just split screen gaming but split viewing!

imagine.. you can watch sports whilst your other half/kid watches reality tv.. obviously one person wears headphones..

IRetrouk2715d ago

yes it was advertised in the sun newspaper thats 499 pounds.

blackbeld2715d ago

Yes, this is more like it.

Sony pushes tech to the max. Great job.

Active Reload2715d ago

This is rather impressive and I'm surprised there aren't more comments.

RankFTW2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Is that the LE40C750 mate? I got one around Christmas and it's an awesome TV. Cost me £650 then 6 months ago.

egidem2715d ago

This is really nice technology, but how on earth will the sound be split??? Using headsets?

thematrix12982715d ago

Hopefully 3rd party developers can utilize this feature for more games. Split screen gaming is pretty cool if you have friends come over often or have sibling.

aGameDeveloper2715d ago


That was funny! Bubbles

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_Q_2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I'm waiting on a price for this one that Vizio showed at CES. Everyone who saw it said it was pretty exciting. I just with the screen was a little bigger. I dont even have a monitor that small.

Link to the Vizio version

I'm wondering if anyone is suing anyone over this. The difference may be that the Vizio uses passive glasses from the gate??

aGameDeveloper2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

The LCD HDTV most developers used back when PS3/360 development was just getting started was pretty small. It makes sense to make a small, inexpensive unit such as this to get developers going on games that support it, so that there is motivation for consumers to buy the larger units. Sony may even seed developers with these units for free.

bluedevil182716d ago

where the hell was this with goldeneye

CadDad2715d ago

Stop looking at my screen!

Shadow Flare2716d ago

Such a clever and practical idea. Sony, back to their innovative ways

sikbeta2715d ago

Here it is:

They had the patent for this 3D thing for over a year now, simply Awesome...

frostypants2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Clever for sure. Probably expensive though. Will this be proprietary to their TVs, or are they licensing the tech out to other manufacturers? If the latter, this could take off.

_Q_2715d ago

Vizio was the first to show it working from what I know

Sorry i posted this twice just seemed to apply

BeastlyRig2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

About the same price to play 3d on pc!

Easy way to get into 3d on consoles great!

Ravenor2715d ago

Maybe if they had a version without the pack ins to drop the price. 499 for a 24 inch display seems a little nuts, especially as I can't be sold on 3D. If the movie/game isn't immersive and engaging without 3D I don't see how it's going to change things.

My interest was piqued with the split screen feature, the tv is just to expensive/small for my living area and I already have a 22 inch for the bedroom. Make me a 40 inch version, at a price competitive with other TV's and we'll talk Sony.

L-Teezy2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

its not $499 for the tv.. $60 for Resistance 3 + two $70 pair of glasses and $20 hdmi cable.. tv comes out to be $279 minus the bundle goodies.

koehler832715d ago

I'm pretty sure this will apply to all 3D displays. I see no reason why it shouldn't.

kneon2715d ago

Except that I think Sony has the patent on it. So it may work with most 3D displays, but maybe only when connected to a PS3.