Sony E3 Press Conference Was The Best So Far (Pictures And Impressions)

GameBlurb, "Well, Rahat and I just got back to the hotel from a long day of travel and of course the Sony E3 Press Conference. So how was it? To be honest the press conference was very enjoyable but at the same time had tones of disappointment and deja vu."

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M-Easy2693d ago

No it wasn't. It was good but not even in the top 3 of all time Sony conferences.

TheLastGuardian20102693d ago

I agree. 2009...

Last Guardian, good.

Shanks2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Are you guys high?
He meant E3 2011 conferences.

M-Easy2693d ago

Well yeah it was the best this year so far but look at the competition. EA's wasn't bad though. Need for Speed looked good and anytime I could see any BF3 is a win for me.

Focker4202692d ago

I'd have to agree, so far Nintendo's conference is putting me to sleep...