Could Upcoming 3DS Titles Signify Nintendo's Intentions For Project Café?

Matt Randisi writes "Gamers follow E3 every year to hear the latest news on the hottest games that have yet to come out and the newest technology to be integrated within video game consoles. Never one to pay much attention to the world of portable gaming myself, my attention is usually glued to the news concerning new releases for my home systems. The upcoming games for Nintendo’s 3DS mean much more than what is on the surface however. The choice of games that we will more than likely hear about during E3 2011 is significantly more respectable than the launch titles, bringing many popular and successful core titles back into the forefront. With details of Project Café being purely speculation at this point, one can view the next batch of games for the 3DS as being indicative of Nintendo’s focal point of their next generation main console as well. That focal point says loud and clear “Bring the core gamer back to us!”. As many in the industry from journalistic and developmental point...

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