Project Cafe Speculation

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "It's been announced that Nintendo's upcoming "Project Cafe" will have a touch screen on its controller. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what this could mean. Sure, Nintendo used this idea before with the GBA connecting to the Gamecube, but like most people, I never bothered with that. It was expensive, a big hassle, and most games didn't utilize it in any meaningful way. But that was then and this is now, so maybe things have changed."

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majiebeast2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

It didnt work for the gba with crystal chronichles its not gonna work with this who wants to watch a 7 inch screen for a stats display when sitting infront off a 40inch tv that can also show this stats screen.

SpLinT2876d ago

it could show your game stats in an online game instead of pressing select...or rear view cam in a racing game .....or message system while playing online or or or .

Shok2876d ago

It could also solve the splitscreen issue, and it could even allow you to play with more than 4 players locally. The TV can split into the 4 screens and the other people can play on their controllers.

iamnsuperman2876d ago

@Shok "It could also solve the splitscreen issue" and creates a whole new issue. Who wants to play on a tiny touch screen. You will not be able to make much detail on a small screen. I doubt this is what it is going to be used as. If this replaces split screen then that is a big flaw in the Wii2. I doubt they will do this

Skip_Bayless2876d ago

I mean... it's a good feature but is it worth the price? Systems traditionally sell new controllers at launch for $60 and when you have a screen that's gotta drive up the price.

AlexCage2876d ago

I'm tired of speculation.

People speculated that we'll see all this awesome, and cool stuff, that all we've got is shit.

Killzone3Helghast2876d ago

I don't like the sound of screens on controllers.. that already sounds like $$

chrisgay2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Doesn't sound like something Nintendo would do either- they know how valuable being cheap is.

(Edit) Perhaps not "cheap" but "affordable".

iamnsuperman2876d ago

That is what makes me question them going "hardcore". They already have there traditions franchises which sell well on a less expensive, less powerful hardware. Why go guns blazing with an expensive machine. What this generation has told us is expensive machines do not start well. Look at the PS3. I am an early adopter but it took a while to take off because it was that expensive. Nintendo knows they can make loads of money from the casual and still cater for their fans by releasing Zelda/Mario

FredEffinChopin2876d ago

I predict that we will find out in a few hours.

Platinum_k2876d ago


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