Top Ten Developers of All Time - #6 Electronic Arts

Ripten lists its top ten developers of all time, going BIG with the sports behemoth, Electronic Arts(EA) at #6.


#10 Activision


#8 Square Enix

#7 LucasArts

#6 Electronic Arts

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Omegasyde4873d ago

how is it that Activision is #10 and Ea is #6.

It should clearly be the other way around.

games4fun4873d ago

there are ten crappy games. Which means percentage wise they suck but because they are big it makes it easier for them to messup and let the monopoly money come in.

Nostradavis4873d ago

I almost want to say that the placement of EA is based more so on their early days then what they have done lately.

You can't deny that they blazed a trail in the industry that opened the doors for other companies....although eventually they just started buying everything up, thereby shutting the same doors they helped open.

Clinton5144872d ago

The problem is that the young ones will never recognize an era they've never lived or played through. ;)

Nostradavis4872d ago


I agree, that is why I am glad Ripten made each one of these a history lesson in a way. It at least gives a little insight into the developers past.

DeckUKold4873d ago

seriously Microsoft game studios should be ahead of them and sqaure is a easy top 5 what is wrong with them and the sims is a waste of life who lives a life in a life i hate this list

Bonsai12144873d ago

this list fails. ranking squeenix lower on the list than EA. i agree with the comment above that for every 1 hit they have, they have 10 games that fail terribly.

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The story is too old to be commented.