The Witcher 2 To Consoles, Hopefully In All Its Glory

Matt Randisi writes, "Anyone who bought The Witcher 2 for their PC and is an avid user of gaming accessories might have noticed that there is a built-in setting for a USB plug-in Xbox 360 controller. This was the initial incident to get the speculation ball rolling that there might have been a place for CD Projekt’s highly anticipated sequel on Microsoft’s black and green machine (or for some of you out there, white and green still) in the near future. Well the near future is even closer than this dedicated console gamer hoped, as it has been revealed that the REDengine that Assassin of Kings runs on was developed with console compatibility from the very beginning. The development team has switched their focus entirely over to bringing their flagship RPG over to the 360 with the unique and edgy style in-tact."

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Mykky2694d ago

I want this on my PS3!

captain-obvious2694d ago

i'll get it on pc and watch dem BOOBS IN HD !!!!!!

waterboy2694d ago

lol with uncharted 3 who needs this

turnerdc2694d ago

People who enjoy playing good games.

MaxXAttaxX2694d ago

Two very different games. Two different experiences.

VonAlbrecht2694d ago

I like how you just told the guy who said the Witcher 2 is good that he's wrong.

MaxXAttaxX2693d ago

Sorry, but he sounded like he was insinuating that Witcher 2 was a good game in comparison to Uncharted(as if it wasn't).
You get what I mean?

turnerdc2693d ago


Er...that's not what I meant at all. Uncharted is a good series and The Witcher is a good series.

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Cade2694d ago

Two very different experiences my friend.

badz1492694d ago

what are you talking trash for? the more the merrier!

Rikan2694d ago

Who needs uncharted when there is the Witcher 2? Heyyyyyoooo

death2smoochie2694d ago

Two entirely different games. I think its obvious you only have a PS3 and haunt all Xbox360 and PC threads crying.

BeastlyRig2694d ago

rpg fans!! Unlike uncharted this brings innovations!

Did you see UC3 gameplay it basically an Uncharted 2 expansion pack!

cogniveritas2694d ago

Hmm... I'm enjoying Witcher 2 just like I did the first one, but the game is definitely not innovating.

TheGameFoxJTV2694d ago

Not even similar games. Fanboys are like pokemon, spouting the same nonsense over and over.

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CaptainPunch2694d ago

Hoping it does come on the PS3, even though I do own a 360.

NateCole2694d ago

Whats the point if you already have a x360?

Thats like me saying i have a PC but i want it on the PS3 which i also have anyway.

cogniveritas2694d ago

I have it on PC and would have bought in on PS3. I was just fortunate my audio production laptop had a graphics card that could run Witcher 2 on low. Just having a PC doesn't guarantee a superior experience.

CaptainPunch2694d ago

So other people can play it, honestly is it that hard to understand?

shreeveera2694d ago

Is it for Trophies and a single Blu Ray disc?

aia122694d ago

lol even if a ps3 version comes and its on a single blu-ray disk it doesn't really matter as it will still look like crap compared to the pc version

TheGameFoxJTV2694d ago

Well, duh. A lot of games regardless of the platform look like crap next tro the Witcher 2 PC. It looks better than Crysis 1 and 2 to be certain.

Rikan2694d ago

It can't come to consoles 'in all it's glory'--as it will look like recycled fecal matter on the dinosaur console hardware of PS3/360. Nintendo got it right by releasing a new console...

Pintheshadows2694d ago

Ah yes, that new console that you know nothing about yet. Is that the one you meant?

TheGameFoxJTV2694d ago

Meh, I'm sure the next Nintendo console will be good. They're actually going HD this time, and not just making a slightly better looking PS2.

WitWolfy2694d ago

I think it will do fine, sure it will be down scalled a bit but I have faith that these geniuses know what they are doing

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