E3 2011: Ninja Gaiden 3 Bullet Point Preview (GameXplain)

GameXplain Says: "Ninja Gaiden has been one of my favorite franchises since its rebirth on the original Xbox. After Itagaki left Tecmo I was a little worried to what may become of one the premiere action franchises in the industry. Metroid: Other M was a mess and Dead or Alive 3D brought nothing new to the series. Well after some hands-on time with a demo at Sony’s E3 press conference, I can confidently say that Team Ninja has been hard at work making sure this is the best Ninja Gaiden yet."

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newsguy2874d ago

Everybody knows God of War is better than this.

rogimusprime2874d ago

not even close. I would prefer to not even compare the two. I will say i enjoyed GOWII more than NG2, but they are different games.

nchizimbi2874d ago

I see Itagaki hating and dissing on this third installment of Ninja Gaiden. One of the things I see, which would never have happened (gone into the game) if Itagaki was still at Tecmo is the Quick-Time Events gameplay feature.