Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary vs Halo: Combat Evolved: FIGHT!

You've seen Halo: Combat Evolved. You've seen Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. But have you seen the two compared side-by-side? We've got you covered! As seen above and in the gallery below, the remastered version of the original Halo has seen some pretty enormous updates. Check out that lighting

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Cajun Chicken2694d ago

Personally, can't wait, supposedly with the button to change res at will. Certainly the best thing MS shown at the conference.

GoldPS32694d ago

Even tho I'm not a fan of Halo, it does look a lot better remastered.

peowpeow2694d ago

How will the flood look? Taken straight from Halo 3? I hope they look atleast slightly better :)

HurstDarkStar2694d ago

Ummm why the need to compare the same game?

FlashXIII2694d ago

The original wins hands down just because it actually has a good multiplayer mode. I'm gutted that 343 decided to just add new classic maps for reach as opposed to the game coming with the original halo mp.

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