GameSpot gives 5.5/10 to SWAT: Target Liberty

If you ever imagined that being a SWAT officer is an exciting and rewarding profession, Target Liberty will feed you a healthy dose of reality. In this stealth/action game's world, people can't move faster than a brisk walk, civilians must often be beat on the head to comply, and the Department of Homeland Security is willing to let a team of three local boys deal with nuke-wielding terrorists on their own.

There are quite a few ridiculous elements at play in Target Liberty, and the ensuing action usually boils down to repeating the same basic tasks over and over again. Yet in spite of the occasional tedium and dreary, late-blooming storyline, Target Liberty has its enjoyable moments. It just needed a lot more of them.

SWAT: Target Liberty is a generic shooter that is neither tactical nor especially action-packed. It tries to toe the line between stealth and gunplay, but fails to succeed at either. You can squeeze some fun out of it, but you won't remember anything about it the following day.

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