Worldwide Shipment Sales Figures For All Consoles

Find out how just how well the Wii and DS are selling worldwide, compared to Sony and Microsoft's machines..

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shine13964875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

The ps3 outsold the x360 worldwide by nearly a million? didn't xbox 360 have all europe till march and then Halo as well... I was led to believe that the x360 was selling better then the ps3, specially in the NA region (isn't that like the biggest region in terms of worldwide sales) . can anyone explain this to me pls.

Ignorant Fanboy4875d ago

Not sales figures,

Its in the title.

shmee4875d ago

not sales to customers.

In terms of sales wii is ahead . It has sold around 12.5 m units compared to 11m for x360 and around 5.3 for ps3

jackfatal4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

ps3 shipped 6 million consoles just 2 weeks after march!! those numbers are consoles sold not shipped!!

and if u r so sad that the ps3 sold more then x360 then i will tell u y! and this is the truth! its because its selling more every where else other then north america and dont forget the launch in europe in march was very big!! do u get it now y ps3 sold more in that period? and thanks to halo 3 and bioshock x360 sold well in september other wise it would have sold less then 2 million in 9 months! its the sad reality xbox fans!

@1.5 below me!
i never said anything about 5.9 million ps3 sold! actually i dont know how many they sold but i know above 5.5 million and less then 6 million! i was talking about the 1 million more sold ps3 then x360!

Mu5afir4875d ago

# PlayStation 3 - 3,930,000 (SOLD) | 5,590,000 (TOTAL SOLD)
# Xbox 360 - 3,000,000 (SOLD) | 13,400,000 (TOTAL SOLD)

These numbers are from January to September 30th 2007, the Ps3 has sold roughly 1 million more units in the same time frame as the Xbox 360. Keep in mind, Microsoft considers units shipped as units sold, so Xbox 360s numbers could be exaggerated.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4875d ago

@1.2 your joking about the ps3 sales numbers right?

@1.3 the 5.9 came directly from sony. its the numbers of consoles they sold to retailers.

uxo224875d ago

Are you really paying attention. These numbers from my understanding are from the entire 2007 year upto september 30. With that being said, the PS3 launched mid to late november 2006 in the US and in 2007 in Europe. So, it would have actually been a bigger suprise to me had the 360 outsold the PS3 in 2007.

Also during the months that people were saying the 360 was outselling the PS3 in Europe, it actually may have been true. Think about the key dates the PS3 had during 2007 worldwide vs the PS3. 2007 launch in europe (don't know how many sold though) and june price drop (Hugh boost.) and Europe price drop and 40gig. One could include Halo as a major date for the 360 along with its price drop, but If i remember correctly Halo release at the end of september, which means it only got included for 5 days of that month.

It's good to see that the numbers are finally out. What they also showed was that all of this time (for months) people were saying that the wii had surpassed the 360 when infact it hadn't until this month. Amazing how stuff get spreaded around. Something else it shows is that nexgenwars' numbers were pretty accurate based on the ratio against one another for the consoles.

Anyway good to see the numbers.

shine13964874d ago

I'm even more confused because businesses always work in terms of the fiscal year and the fiscal year doesn't have to follow the calander year. If it's shipping sales from january 1st 2007 till september 31st 2007, that means the author extrapolated results either from the last fiscal year or this year because Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony (infact most other businesses) don't share the same fiscal year as the calander year. so even though sony and nintendo are now talking about q2 results they are talking about different time frames.
I think sony start q1 from around March therefore your digging into q3/q4 of 2006/2007 for sales for start of this calander year 1st january 2007.
Also January and febuary isnt the busiest time of the year, that accolade goes to november/december, so if your going to make a year to date account of sales, good luck. And of course chrismas season figures are always astronimically high, no other month compares to it, you get that figure wrong all your approximates get badly skewed.

According to sony, they sold/shipped 0.7 in q1, 1.2 million ps3 units in q2 2007, total of 1.9 million shipped. erego they sold from march till september nearly 2million, so logically (if this article is correct) they sold/shipped approx 2million jan to March. Making a grand approx total of 4million (3.9 according to the figures). What doesn't make sense is this. November/decemeber can't have been more busy then are other periods if the total number of sales are 5 and half million. because that leaves one and half million sold/shipped during the buesiest time of the year, around launch as well. this can't be correct becuase then it'd be like any other period of the year. And chrismas is definetely not like any other period of the year. not on your life.

DZNetworks4874d ago

Dont believe the hype. This site is anti microsoft.

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IdontTakeSides4875d ago

UMM this doesn'y seem accurate...the Wii numbers umm should be higher..

PimpHandHappy4875d ago

and it would be nice if we could stop these.


those PS2 software numbers are NUTS

Leord4875d ago

As mentioned in the reports, the shipping figures are not the same as sales. Could this be clarified in the editing?

mgbass134875d ago

Holy confusing...the title says shipment figures and then the story says "find out how selling." WTF?

Snukadaman4875d ago

jackfatal has too be the dumbest person on these boards....I think your helmet is strapped on too tight there kid...

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