IGN: Eyes-on with the Sony PlayStation 3D Display

IGN: "At their press event at E3, I had a chance to check out the PlayStation 3D Display in action, and I'm impressed with what I saw.

Price is, of course, one of the biggest hangups consumers have with 3D HDTVs -- if, of course, they like 3D technology at all -- so naturally, a $499.99 3D-enabled display is intriguing. Though the display isn't particularly large, the picture quality was better than I was expecting."

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MintBerryCrunch2690d ago

i see a lot of PC users buying this bundle just for the TV itself

Joni-Ice2690d ago

Well I may get it. The only thing stopping me is the size but when I think about what Im getting it makes the deal more worth it.

NewMonday2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

the 24"3D set dose not interest me..

...because i have a 65"3DTV MUWAHA HA HA ;p

captain-obvious2690d ago

thats cheap for a 3D TV TBH

like really cheap
on the stream i was watching on alot of ppl were actually impressed and interested in this when i was reading the comments

badz1492690d ago

but this is so much better especially the split-screen approach of it which hasn't been done anywhere else! can't wait to see it in action!

ShabbaRanks2690d ago

Same here, I was gonna get a 24" HD monitor (samsung), but now I saw this and OHHH BOYYY ... Im sold !!!

I still got my 32" HDTV (samsung) while I wait for this XD...

Ya I know, but you know what ? ... Gaming on a monitor is were my heart is ;)

Lekumkee2690d ago

I am really interested in this. $499 3DTV with glasses Resistance 3 and HDMI is the sweet spot. If only they were a 32/37 inch version also.

Lawliet2690d ago

$499 for all that is a steal, I'm telling you. Go out there and get yourself a HD monitor alone and see how much it would cost you! This bundle is like a 80% discount!

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silkrevolver2690d ago

It’s EXACTLY what I needed.

maniacmayhem2690d ago

What you need is an EDUCATION.

Use the money for books!

silkrevolver2690d ago

... I’m kind of already set on that. Hence the fact that I was already going to get an education....

maniacmayhem2690d ago

I was joking dude, i couldnt resist :)

a_bro2690d ago

yup, perfect for the college dorm.

fr0sty2690d ago

I want two, one for my ps3 and one for my pc.

negroguy2690d ago

Not a big screen but I might just get it since i've been wanting to see if the 3D is really worth it, and you cant beat that price especially with Resistance 3 bundled.

gamingisnotacrime2690d ago

i will just wait down the line for even lower prices, i have no way to justify another tv in my apartment

it would be for the 3D only, my 46'' Bravia gets the job done for the rest

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The story is too old to be commented.