E3 In-Depth: Sony's Press Conference Charts A Steady Path

Sony's press conference didn't have any significant surprises, but hit all the right notes -- putting the company in position for a successful, if not paradigm-shifting year ahead.

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TheLastGuardian20102691d ago

Potentially yes.

Microsoft in 2012. Besides kinect crap, they only have halo 4.

Sony can potentially have- Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, Agent, Sly Cooper: Theives of Time, and so many other AAA Sony titles that'll it make your head hurt.

aia122691d ago

ms can POTENTIALLY have alan wake 2 as well as remedy confirmed they where working on a new alan wake but Microsoft stupidly didn't mention it

TheLastGuardian20102691d ago

Still, even with Alan Wake 2 that's a very THIN lineup.

Just alone (without official confirmations) we know about Starhawk, Sly: Thieves of Time, FF: Versus XII, AGENT, The Last Guardian, and so on and so forth.

With Microsoft it seems there giving up on the idea of exclusives (at least non kinect). It's really sad, and I really hope they suffer for that.

I mean I'm not trying to hate on Microsoft, but honestly, me and motion gaming just don't mix. An to see Microsoft PUSH so damn hard for rail shooters, and rail adventure type games just makes me so sad. It makes me scratch my head, and say "is this really what you think gamers want?"

I'm sorry but when I bought my xbox, it wasn't for Disneyland kinect, or Sesame kinect, or any of the other luke warm kinect titles there trying to squeeze down our throats.

I bought my xbox for the exclusives, and honestly...I'm finding less, and less reason for me to keep my xbox, and to not switch to a ps3.

Sad :(

aia122691d ago

the problem with 360 loyalists is this; as long as there is halo COD or gears they are happy. look at alan wake and lost odyessy, those where great games and they didn't buy it. Why ? because it wasn't the SAME old sh*t. I personally thin gears is better than halo but halo will ALWAYS outsell gears because 360 gamers are more used to halo games. microsoft has the perfect dark franchise, banjo kazooie, killer istinct, project gothan racing, jade empire(from xbox1 but it was ade by bioware) and blue dragon. why don't they make more of these games. why didn't they buy bioware ? they are beginning to piss me off just like nintendo that also recycles the same stuff over and over(metroid,mario and zelda)

Pintheshadows2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Wow a whole two games.

Seriously, I was going to buy another 360, mainly for l4d but now there is nothing new of interest i'm just going to buy a VITA instead. Because it's an actual games console.