3DS gets first major update

Nintendo just released a major update for the 3DS, adding the system shop, Internet browser, and more.

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MoveTheGlow2743d ago

Updating as we speak - it's a big one, folks!

beast242tru2743d ago

only update i want is the PS VITA

El_Colombiano2743d ago

eShop is down. lol good going Nintendo.

neogeo2743d ago

LMAO. too little 2 late. I play all my 3ds games with the 3d turned off. hurts my eyes.

Venox20082743d ago

it hurt for only few days... they need to get used to, after that you can play with 3DS for hours..

browngamer42743d ago

I have been playing mine on full 3d ever since I got it..have yet to experience a single headache,blurred vision,melted eyeballs,nothing except glorious 3d!

macky3012743d ago

They need to update the price,.. because Sony is going to eat them,...

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