VGrevolution: Kinect Fun Labs Impressions

VGR: "After announcing the Fun Labs during the Microsoft press conference they told us it will be available today to download. I did so and essentially these are just tech demos. That isn’t a bad thing it is simply showing off what the Kinect can do and overall it the potential to be pretty impressive."

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NoobJobz2691d ago

It was cool for a while. I liked creating myself as an avatar. But other than that.....we shall see.

Max_Dissatisfaction2691d ago

Get your pitchforks ready men!! This guy's one of 'them.' Get him!! You people liked Ryse!!

Tony P2691d ago

They're a moment's fun on their own, but the very best use of these would be to implement them as features into full games.

no_more_heroes2691d ago

that might be Microsoft's plan. Use this as a vehicle to see what people can do with it, then create full games using the best ones.

At least that's what I would do.

Dee_Cazo2691d ago

The interface supports that theory.