Twisted Metals' Crazy Cars Of Destruction Are Back for Combat

Bringing back the crazy fast-paced gameplay of destructive cars comes Sony's Twisted Metal franchise. This time around players can dismantle each other online with up to sixteen players, battle through new and varied single-player game modes and play with friends on a 2-4 player split-screen. Sweet.

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honestpizza2691d ago

I can't begin to explain my excitement for this game. The original twisted metal games are exactly why I bought an original playstation and they are what has made such a loyal PS fan. I am glad it is coming back and looking just as good as ever.

blackhrt862691d ago

I'll definitely be all over this one myself.

Dart892691d ago

This game brings back good memories.I mean how much more fun can you have with this??.

tomragan2691d ago

I still remember Twisted Metal 2 for PS1 - what a game! And now it's on our next-gen consoles :)