Dust 514: Beginnings

Atli Mar writes:

"I am the Creative Director of DUST 514. This is the first dev blog of many to come, and I’ll start things off by giving you a high level overview of the game, and some of the philosophy that guides us in the development of DUST 514.

So... what is this DUST 514 thing anyways?"

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Warprincess1162718d ago

This game looks really interesting. Hopefully the fps part of the game is fun

NateCole2718d ago

MMO mixed into it according to what i read.

Pandamobile2718d ago

The MMO part isn't on the PS3.

The MMO part is EVE.

Keith Olbermann2718d ago

Epic. I may have to give eve a try

MastaMold2718d ago

Looks good more info in the coming months

hiredhelp2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Yeh me my m8. Watching the sony e3. Gametrailers saw this.
First thing i thought was sony's ansew to Halo? .
Eaither way looks good and yet pc ps3 and Vita . Im thinking all online hope no charge.

Spitfire_Riggz2718d ago

Looked kind of Mass effect-ish to me. First person

Dart892718d ago

Will this have a subscription??

Ninver2718d ago

no it will not.

and all future dlc are free. all you need to do is buy the games.

i'm really liking what i see.

golsilva2718d ago

heres what i found out about the game. the guy at the conference didnt really provide a good explanation. eve online is a mmmo where they have ships or something in space and dust 514 takes place on the planets of eve online. so basically dust 514 players fight in ground wars on the planets and basically affect who controls which planets in eve online. This means if you blow something up in the planets like tanks or ships, the player from eve online who owns it loses that money in the form of isks. So basically eve online players can recruit ps3 players or play themselves and try to destroy other people's economy. From the eve online forums, the players who are really hardcore dont like this idea

NateCole2718d ago

Yeah. Its kinda like having different theaters of war in different games/platforms but still all are related to each other.

Its a very ambitious idea and one that could change the face of MMO if done right.

SpLinT2718d ago

this is in my top 10 games to look out for. Not a huge Resistance fan ever since they abandoned the RFOM style and KZ3 disappointing. Finally a new FPS game

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