Blizzard: Consoles Can't Handle WOW, PC Gaming Better, Xbox Live Will Win

Kotaku invest claims that none of the next-gen consoles will be able to handle the immense World of Warcraft.

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BIadestarX5875d ago

Eat this Sony Fanboys, "I think that Live will reign... [Microsoft] has a much longer track record and history of multiplayer gaming, and I think they absolutely will have the lead. It's going to be excruciatingly difficult for anyone - including Sony - to take that away from Microsoft. They're way too far ahead."

TheMART5875d ago

I don't know, Oblivion can be handled, I guess any other worlds can also.

Blizzard just like the idea of their own online network for PC's more then the XBL controlled by MS. Read: they earn more money with it ;)

And ofcourse, XBL will stay on top. They've been there for more then 4 years already and what had Sony in that time?

Lucidmantra5875d ago

The problem is that they cannot deploy patches fast enough by going through MS's R&R for updates. I think they need to find a way to relieve that layer for MMOs and of course we need a 200 GB drive for $200 and a 100 GBG for $100. It is $1 a GB (a little high) but I would pay it. We are getting Huxley which is a MMOFPS (and will patch). The 360 and PS3 can run WOW no problem since it runs on a 2 GB PC with a 5600 series Geforce card and 1/2 gig of memory. But the deal is the layer of Live and PS3 Online that they have to add to the game and the deployment of patches being delayed which means they are crippled in their ability to squash bugs, expolits and other such thing quickly on the consoles.

Marriot VP5875d ago

This goes back to the fact that the 360 NEEDS A BIGGER HARD DRIVE. I'm sick of hearing devs complain, who cares about the bad PR MS just release a 60-100gb below a hundred bucks and be done with it.