E3 2011: How Sony Beat Microsoft

Microsoft and Sony's press conferences are now over, we've been through hell here at....

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catbusmillionaire2875d ago

I don't see how people would ever think the Kinect could beat the Move.

xskipperx822875d ago

They both suck. there is no need for motion controls anymore. Nintendo is apparently bowing out of motion controls with project cafe, so Sony should do the same. I Hate Kinect as well. Just bring back the regular controllers guys. I'm begging you.

EazyC2875d ago

Good, MS and Sony copy Nintendo, let Nintendo return the favour by going back to their roots. I hope they show us what Core gaming really is.

Ju2875d ago

Move plays great. Not sure where your getting at with "bring back regular controllers". Did anyone take them away from you? I want the option (!) to support Move in all action games and shooters, as well as strategy games. The rest I can't care less about. To each his own. Go play with the controller if you like, but let me have my Move.

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LOGICWINS2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@xskipper- Nah, I'm VERY excited for that R3 Sharpshooter bundle and the price is perfect!

Darkspade2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

only problem is alot of people own it, I got it with socom. .but R3 looked great

@LOGICWINS - It's alot more Dead on, you can get across the screen without thinking about it, you just need to change a few settings, and it'a perfect

LOGICWINS2875d ago

@Darkspade- Btw, how is the Sharpshooter? Is it more fun to use than the DS3?

jdfoster002874d ago

And look forward to see what it's like on Bioshock

jdfoster002875d ago

Move in BIOSHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 And resistance of course!!

metalhead2875d ago


Yeah of course, just like they told us what core gaming really was when they released a system aimed towards casual gamers, right? Man you are an idiot.

metalhead2875d ago


Yeah of course, just like they told us what core gaming really was when they released a system aimed towards casual gamers, right? Man you are an idiot.

ConstipatedGorilla2875d ago

Nobody cares about Sony's "me too" motion controllers. Even Nintendo is getting away from it. At the very least, Kinect is different in that it has voice recognition, face recognition and no controller, but even the Kinect needs to disappear from games...

frostypants2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I will give the 360 props for landing a Minecraft port. THAT will be awesome. I freaking love that game, and yesterday in fact I posted about how much I'd love to see it come to the 360 and/or PS3. The thought of my 360 buddies getting in on it is awesome...that is, assuming that they allow private multiplayer maps.

Aside from that, Microsoft really stunk up this year.

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Shok2875d ago

You don't have to explain it really. We all know Microsoft's was one of the worst we've ever seen.

But Sony's wasn't too great either. They had good content, but nothing shocking or amazing. The $250 PSV price tag was the only thing that took me off guard. The conference was honestly a snooze-fest and I was disappointed. I give it a C or maybe a C+.

GamingGuru2875d ago

I don't know about that. The first part of Sony's press conference seemed to zoom on by.

Nitrowolf22875d ago

i don't even remember that part, i felt like it skipped from Sly Cooper trailer to NGP. Surprise they didn't talk about sales with charts like they usually do. They just said they are up some % from prev. years

MonkeyBoy922875d ago

For me the TV they introduced was amazing! I mean 3D on a 24 inch and split screen without actually splitting the screen in half and for so cheap... How are more people not talking about this?

Ju2875d ago

I think that Monitor idea is great. Now add an $699 and $899 option with 32" and 40" and we have a winner.

fluffydelusions2875d ago

I was hoping for some more ps3 games but overall I'm satisfied.

iamnsuperman2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I think there is a reason for this. Nintendo is releasing a new console (so we may see games at gamescom-not over shadowed) or it could be if rumours are true with the PS4 is coming out in 2014 at the latest it would make sense for the lack of games. It takes like 2 years to make a good games. In a way I know the latter is a long shot but why release steller games so close to a new hardware addition. This year has been rammed with PS3 exclusives I think if gamescom shows little, next year will have much less games with a console releasing the year after. Microsoft is harder to suggest because they are just pushing the kinect option and there lack of exclusives comes down to no first party studios. So far the best conference was Ubisoft

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2875d ago

Sony's show was decent IMO. Yeah, more games could have been shown but I was impressed with what they had so far.

paintsville2875d ago

Well I thought that there'd been more exclusive games from Sony but I stll feel like they won this round.They're losing the war but the won this battle.

giantchicken2875d ago

Yeah FFv13 not showing up was a disappointment but they still had a good show, and Microsoft they just a little to much kinect mess.

RedPawn2875d ago

I wonder if the Japanese market is saving more of their major announcement for TGS, to get life/revenue after the Tsunami disaster?