Was Microsoft’s E3 2011 Press Conference Good?

Microsoft unleashed their latest and greatest upcoming video games at E3 today. Was their conference any good though? Did they leave the hardcore gamer behind in favor of focusing on a much more casual audience? Sort of.

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xhedleyx3391d ago

I'd say it was alright. It's nice to see some focus on hardcore gamers again. Still it seems like everything was focused on Kinect....

Some gamers still like to use controllers!

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-Alpha3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Alright? It was disastrous and insulting. There was no focus on hardcore gaming. Not with the multiplats they showed. Nothing that was core-focused was primarily their work.

I know they showed GRAW and Gears, but overall it was a huge joke. The elephant in the room is that multiplats and Kinect are not what the majority of the room is interested in seeing from a leading console manufacturer. Last year was funny. This year I thought it was just sad. The way they are forcing Kinect and acting as if what they did was good enough for hardcore owners is just silly.

Come on, how do you demonstrate Kinect when the audience is an E3 nerd-fest of core gamers? If you can't sell to these guys, then it's clear you have nothing at all to show. They failed miserably to impress me

Their idea of hardcore Kinect is applying minor and pointless Kinect features to core games. MS is fixated on Nintendo's crown and are doing all the right things in terms of profits: They have the core shooter audience subscribing to XBL and are gaining a stake at the casuals with Kinect. But none of what they are doing feels like they genuinely care about their core audience, and that to me is the point of E3: to show you, in attendance, the future of what you are interested in: gaming.

Funny thing is that Nintendo is shifting back into their core roots-- lately with the Wii and with the Wii 2, if rumours are to be believed

xPhearR3dx3391d ago

"Come on, how do you demonstrate Kinect when the audience is an E3 nerd-fest of core gamers? "

The same way Sony does with Move, and Nintendo does with the Wii. They have to present it. It's a product they made promises on for the core gamers. If they don't present it with core games like Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon, Fable etc. Then Microsoft will look like a bunch of phonies going back on their word. If they do present Kinect they get slammed for going the "casual" way.

IMO they way they presented Kinect this year was MUCH better than last year, minus the Disney horse shit. They showed me core games that are compatible WITH Kinect, not just for Kinect. That way I get to see the games I'm actually interested in, and on top of that see what Kinect has to offer and decide if it's worthy of a purchase or not.

BiggCMan3391d ago

I'm not sure I would be that harsh, but thats just me. It was bad overall, but highlights for me are definitely Tomb Raider, Halo Anniversary and Halo 4. The MW3 demo was embarrassing in my opnion. They started with the controller turning off, then were proud to show the same damn game yet again. Same sounds, same animations, same dialogue, same guns, same ridiculous over the top action of some important U.S city being destroyed. They don't learn.

-Alpha3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )


But Kinect was pretty much all they focused on. Its infested everything MS is doing with gaming.

And yeah, I'm sounding a little pissy, don't mean to be a downer, but to be perfectly honest I'm pretty ticked off with how there is such a sloppy emphasis on casual gaming, celebrities, motion, etc.

And no, Nintendo's is not going to be worse, Shaka. New hardware always is the biggest news. Even Sony's 2006 E3 was exciting for PS3, despite being surrounded by much controversy. Who knows what Wii 2 will cost, but Nintendo can unveil the Wii 2 controller and call it a night and I'd be more happy than I was with MS

darthv723391d ago

having tacked on kinect features is better than no support at all. To many times has there been an add on that gets released and then no support. So then people question why did it get released in the first place.

MS relies on 3rd party support more than the other two. Showing off multi-plat games is a bad thing? Before the obsession of "exclusive" this or that it was all about showing games coming out for the platform.

If they had not shown kinect anything we know how hard the press would be. Showing kinect stuff and we see how hard the press can be. You cant please everyone but i have to admit that it wasnt as bad as some e3's that just had nothing but flash and no substance.

This one had substance, it may/may not appeal to critics but it was substance. Even in the most basic form.

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TripleAAARating3391d ago

WOW Alpha! Lol, never seen you rant like this before.

You knw you underperformed when you can get Alpha this riled up LOL

I totally agree tho, It looks to me that M$ is gonna swap with Nintendo and focus on the casual from now on, while trying to keep that hardcore satisfied with third party titles

With that said, it's only if Nintendo really goes hardcore with their console reveal.

-Alpha3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Fable has been dumbed down to an on-rails Kinect title, has it not?

"having tacked on kinect features is better than no support at all"

But it's clear that motion is being shoved down throats. Developers are already bogged down by development, hardware, etc. We are at the point where we SHOULD be seeing a focus on gameplay. Yet now some devs are pointlessly working on nonsense motion add-ons, 3D, Move, or trying to remap their strategy to appeal to a "broader audience" I feel like all of this is just bogging down what matters most

Forza, Gears, Halo, all of these titles I already knew of, and what's worse is that you could have blinked and missed the Halo announcements at the way they proportioned their show. Kinect infested everything like a cancer

Tony P3391d ago

I understand. They've been trying to sell Kinect, but they've shown few reasons for the core to support it. I give them some credit for trying this year. But it's in the same way I'd give credit to a D student for moving up to a C. It's an improvement, but you can do better.

We should not have to settle for less. That's all I'm hearing here. "At least" they did this. "Better than nothing". Those are not phrases you associate with good performance.

As for Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable... What else have they got? How many E3s in a row am I supposed to act impressed by another iteration of the same title?

NoobSessions3391d ago

To me, it was decent. Nothing spectacular though

The Kinect games definitely looked good to me. People would complain that Kinect had no core games, now it does and people still complain.

he new NXE is sexy
YT and XBLTV and Bing search is cool
Gears and Forza look amazing.

thats_just_prime3391d ago

has a xbox I'm goin to say that it was god awful. CoD3 looked amazing andI hate cod games. Fable looked promising. I thought the guy showing sesame street was goin to get booed off stage WTF. Other then a halo and afew trashy kinect game they had nothing new.

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Bigpappy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

M$ did not show many EXCLUSIVE core titles. But if you follow the rest of E3, you will surely find a wealth of games to play on 360. I find that there are different types of core gamers: Some of us prefer that there be many consoles with their own fleet of studios, with all of them having large amounts of exclusive, so they can buy all these consoles to play EXCLUSIVE games; Then there are those of us who prefer their console because of the little differences, like the controller, online (free vs pay), graphic performance and other hardware feature sets,..., where exclusives are nice to have, but it is more important that we get a great variety of game whether they are 1st or 3rd party really does not matter.

It is obvious I am in the latter group as I reference 'we' quite often. The only reason I own the 360 over the PS3 is because I prefer to game on the 360 due to the controller being perfect to my hands and style of play, how Xbl has grown on me, and the way the game perform on the system from 1st and 3rd party, satisfies my gaming needs. I do not hate Sony or the PS3. If my son wanted one I would get it for him, but he prefers Nintendo games over most 360 or PS3 games.

The point is M$ looked at all of this and decided that they can satisfy Most of their base, by making sure they have great 3rd party support which brings more great games than any amount of 1st party could ever produce, and try to add a few stand out games to that core selection.

They now have Kinect, which has given them access to a market that had eluded them for years. But the core said that they wanted Kinect to work in games they like to play. M$ has tried to address that by having developers add options that they think will benefit Kinect owners. People who do not own Kinect, do not see the benefit, but those who do, embrace these new features.

There is no right or wrong here, just perspectives. In the end, all of these companies need to make money to continue to produce what we need.

gta28003391d ago

Microsoft is going to sabotage Nintendo's show tomorrow in a desperate attempt to make their show look "good" lol.

JokesOnYou3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

"I know they showed GRAW and Gears, but overall it was a huge joke."

I disagree, I'd hardly call Gears of War 3, Forza 4 and Halo 4 a "huge joke." Those are all 3 of the highest rated EXCLUSIVE franchises this generation. I don't know anybody with an xbox and a pulse who doesn't love those franchises, if that doesn't cater to "nerd-fest of core gamers", then I don't know what does???

What I find ironic is how micro was heavily criticized for jumping on the motion control bandwagon with just another "gimmick" peripheral like HD DVD...which of course the critics said they weren't going to fully support *Natal either, well at least that was the INITIAL assumption, then when of course it was obvious that micro was putting alot of money and investment into kinect the tune from the haters became it will ONLY be casual crapware that won't be for hardcore gamers, NOW its kinect will ruin core games, despite micro showing some promising core titles that have kinect intergration, (which none here have even TRIED YET) like Ghost Recon, ME3, and possibly Ryse(I want to see more). You have to crawl before you can walk, and those titles looked impressive to me, personally I hope to see more and more deeper intergration, Ryse has my interest also and all the deeper kinect dashboard implementation is welcome in my book. lol, I remember when micro USE to be criticized for only catering to the hardcore shooter audience and never innovative beyond the normal type of gaming.

The only part of the show that bored me was the Disney and Sesame St crap, TRUE micro may not have had a "shock and awe" E3 presentation like we've seen in the past with that 1 signature big announcement but the overall presentation was full of substance for any gamer, unless of course you dont like shooters, fantasy, racing and creative new ways to interact with them.

oh and btw ME2 is multiplat and happens to be the BEST game on any platform I've played so far this gen, imho so quite honestly although exclusives differentiate the platforms I think they are over-rated on n4g most of the time.

JokesOnYou3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I also forgot to mention Tomb Raider looks like its going to be a very impressive launch for a somewhat forgotten old franchise.

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beastgamer3391d ago

it gets lame each year, only way to get better is a next gen console.

Focker4203391d ago

What good is a next-gen console without any games??

stuna13391d ago

@beastgamer, exactly!
What I get so tired of people doing is justifying when someone is not living up to expectations! But let it be something smelling foul in the other camp, fanatics are all over it like there is blood in the water.

There is no denying that Microsoft has gotten to the point, that they need to be knocked down a peg or two, but they do what they do because their fanbase allows them too!

Three years in a row, and they're still mulling over the same ideas that they started with when kinects was natal, but how much of it has come to fruition? But yet you'll have someone comment about how many units have been sold, or how it the fastest selling piece of plastic in the universe.

Better yet how it's etched it's name in history, by being in the Guiness book of world records, meanwhile it's loyal followers are paying through the nostrils for some concepts of what it should have been doing out the gate, and tech demo's of what one day it willl do.

creatchee3391d ago

It was diappointing, save the Halo announcements. I liked seeing MW3 in action, but WAY too much time was spent on it. Kingdoms/Ryse looked okay, but I'm not a motion control kinda guy and thus will not be picking it up. They seemed to have focused a lot of Kinect. Granted, they sold a ton of the peripherals, but for those of us without it, there wasn't too much seen here.

On the positive, Minecraft could be interesting both with and without Kinect support. And even though they are free and undoubtedly better on a computer, it's nice to have the Bing and YouTube availability. Plus the UFC thing could be cool if implemented well and with a decent cost model that is competitive with (read: cheaper than) normal PPV rates.

Overall, it was a D+/C-. I expected more from a company that had been slacking the past couple of years.

kingdoms3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

As for the heavy hitting aaa titles Microsoft hit harder in the console market with huge selling titles and kinect compatible core aaa titles. Had more to offer when it came to console software upgrades and services. The only reason people can say Sony was on par or better is because they like handheld platforms.

I was slightly mad over ms press but felt sorry for sony press. Sony had nothing that can compete with 3rd party monsters, that and the psn issue is the reason they did not try and fluff their lineup this year with games 3 or 4 years down the road because people are watching now with a more critical eye. Ps vita is the only thing that salvaged the ps press but that isn't even in the and sony also had weak OS upgrades. As usual ms had things not as flashy but has things that will sell like the 360 being a set top box for a alternative cable option.

Sorry for the mess I'm using my Android

kingdoms3391d ago

Oh come on disagrees? The ps3 fans at the Sony press didn't even try to over cheer with forced over the top excitment this year like they do every year in prep rally manner it was so disopinting.

sealion883391d ago

actually, most gamers still like to use controllers!

Tony P3391d ago

It was nice to see them try to do hardcore with Kinect.

However, as someone who is not a big fan of Gears, Halo, etc. MS's conference as usual held little interest for me.

The absolute worst part?

Fable, the rail shooter.

When you take an RPG and make it a rail shooter you deserve every jeer and insult you get, MS. What is WRONG with your first party?

xPhearR3dx3391d ago

Honestly man I think you were just expecting too much from Microsoft, where I was expecting a few new game announcements and Kinect stuff, which is what we got. I'm not saying their conference was great, but the way they handled the Kinect stuff satisfied me more as a core gamer then it did last year. They already said their main focus was Kinect, it has to be since they sold so damn much so I kind of knew what was coming. The fact that most of the Kinect stuff presented was more with core games instead of last year with all the casual crap was a good thing. If they would have just left out the stupid Disney crap I think their overall conference would have felt 10x better. The whole time I was thinking, wow they're actually doing pretty decent at presenting Kinect this year rather then the crap they pulled last year. Then the Disney crap came and my excitement and satisfaction with their conference dropped so much.

gta28003391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I'd call Microsofts E3 good if Sony's and Nintendo's E3 was lousy. But Sony shined and Nintendo is gonna shine tomorrow too. Better luck next year Microsoft.

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ATiElite3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

is spoiled Milk Good?

Micro$ofts presser was only good if you really enjoy Kinect.

As a core gamer Gears3 was terrific and it was good to see Halo 1 HD and Halo 4. Other than that Microsoft has gone Macro-soft when it comes to core gamers.

pat_11_53391d ago

I agree. I don't think gears 3 looked that great though. It seemed like more of the same to me.

xhedleyx3391d ago

I think gears looked decent. I duno. What is actually supposed to be new in it?

M-Easy3391d ago

That boss they were fighting was from Contra and those little crawlers were in Resistance 1. But they are both new to Gears.

pat_11_53391d ago

I tend to agree. It was alright, far from amazing though. I liked some of the Kinect stuff, it was cool. I want to see some real games on Kinect though. Kinect Starwars didn't even look like an actual game.

Shackdaddy8363391d ago

It was better than last years but they keep making it a kinect conference. It's boring.

xhedleyx3391d ago

That's what I thought. It was quite boring. Im glad they have some actual games that use Kinect now though.

The Halo anniversary thing should be great though.