E3 2011: Resistance 3 fact sheet and screens

Sony has revealed an official fact sheet, in addition to some new screen, for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game, Resistance 3.

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Omar912716d ago

i wasnt impressed with the presentation of resistance 3 this E3... im kind of disappointed

badz1492716d ago

The demo was kinda underwhelming but good to see they are back to the R:FoM roots. I'm sure the game will be more than what was shown on stage. Must buy for me

EeJLP-2716d ago

R3 isn't back to RFoM roots. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Running is like R2 not RFoM, grenade throws are much weaker than RFoM, there's no invisibility in RFoM, there's no bubble or halfbubble shields in RFoM, there's no mobile shields in RFoM, RFoM has vents not ladders, there's no turrets in RFoM, there's weapon spawns in RFoM, there's only small 8v8 max matches in R3, there's no Killstreak rewards that reward already dominating players in RFoM, there's no weapon upgrades to give a greater advantage to more experienced players, there's no 1hit body shot sniper in RFoM, there's no 1hit meleeing from the front in RFoM, etc. etc. etc.

Never say R3 is like RFoM. It's nowhere near RFoM from a competitive multiplayer standpoint.

jack_burt0n2716d ago

total opposite for me, the boat demo left me seriously disappointed, this looked better engine wise, gloomier and survival orientated like the first game.

Looking forward to it now.

Mr Tretton2716d ago

I thought the demo looked great

user83971442716d ago

Fact is I'm getting it day 1.

SpLinT2716d ago

im getting this for the SP. MP looks nothing like RFOM