PS Vita: Sony Got It Mostly Right

Geek Revolt writes "The biggest announcement at Sony’s event was the PS Vita, even though the final name leaked a couple of weeks ago, it was nice to hear Sony confirm it. Sony nailed the price, release window, and first party titles. But there are a few things that I’m concerned about."

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Nitrowolf22693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

People loved the price, but the obvious wrong was AT&T like the article says. There was a short pause follow by boo's and little excitement. I really hope that tells them something and that they should work out with more providers like Sprint, Verizon, and other services.

And i also agree with that the back pad needed more attention then the touch screen. We've seen that a lot already, the Track Pad (although not entirely new tech) is still something that would interest me into seeing what else it could do.

trounbyfire2693d ago

well apple took the market on at&t so it just needs a market to grow and gain a following.

darthv722693d ago

its about the whole package. i should be able to buy the 3g model without buying into att service or any service provider until the time i see fit as to sign up. the unit has wifi so i should be able to use the att hot spots. Im already an att uverse customer and been told i can take my laptop anywhere att is served and use it.

Why not on the vita? I shouldnt be forced into buying the lesser model if i want to buy one to play games day one. There were many ps3 buyers who didnt settle for the lesser unit and feel that was their choice.

If i can get the 3g unit without contract then day one for me. Oh...if the 3g models require contract then it makes it hard to buy or sell second hand. Nothing against new new but sometimes people sell stuff off after only trying it for a little bit and find it isnt for them. That is how I got my psp and psp go.

RegalPrince2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Though I know why you guys are bashing AT&T, they do offer a speedy network in uncrowded areas. Dont forget they bought T-Mobile which will increase their spectrum and free up some bandwidth. AT&T is "technically" faster than Sprint and Verizon.

I know one damn thing, the price was on point. PSV 3G day 1!

fluffydelusions2693d ago

T-Mobile is not yet a done deal

Max_Dissatisfaction2693d ago

here comes the AT&T aren't that bad brigade. They will soon evolve to the "AT&T are the awesomest, good call SONY, shut up haters" brigade

El-Fenemeno12132693d ago

you sound like a hater yourself ^_^

RegalPrince2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I'm making facts. While you bash AT&T, they DO have one of the fastest networks in certain areas due to their GSM network compared to Verizon and Sprint which use CDMA. Look it up.

I do have iPhone 4 and I do have AT&T and tbh I really don't have a problem with them. There are things they could do better but nothings perfect. Just because others have a problem doesn't mean everyone has one.

Plus!!! I'm sure more carriers will sign on once it takes off, which it will with that price point.

pain777pas2693d ago

We need to hear more about 3G before I preorder. I will preorder 3G but I might change it if it is just going to make my data plan sky rocket for convenience of downloading games only. If it is for online play then Im all in.

Burning_Finger2693d ago

Sony's Are WINNING right now!!

badz1492693d ago

might as well invite Charlie Sheen to the party tonight lol!

beast242tru2693d ago

i love everything about this handheld EVERYTHING i want it now

LOGICWINS2693d ago

Don't understand why people were complaining. I've had AT&T all my life and I've never experienced any major issues.

looza2693d ago

Depending on your area you might not but many other area they still have a lot of issue. The issue here isn't it being on AT&T. The issue is it "exclusive" so we don't have a choice of choosing another carrier that may provide better service.

iceman28852693d ago

As looza said, the problem isn't AT&T, its that the 3G is AT&T exclusive.

I have Verizon and I just got a new plan so I'm locked in for another 2 years. So what am I supposed to do? Start a new plan with AT&T (while having to buy out my Verizon contract...or I guess keep both) just so I can get 3G for a handheld gaming console?

Exclusivity for service providers just doesn't make sense to me, especially when most of them have contracts that you are locked into so that it discourages switching of plans.

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