Street Fighter x Tekken on The PS Vita Shown on Video, inFamous' Cole To Join in

Yoshinori Ono took the stage during Sony’s conference just moments ago to follow up one of last year’s biggest surprise announcements – Street Fighter X Tekken. Not only will the game mark the first time the two legendary franchises come together, but the fight will be coming to the Vita.

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Trexman892690d ago

I think Cole has been using steroids...

SilentNegotiator2690d ago

LOL, maybe he's been training with Mortal Kombat's Kratos.

badz1492690d ago

But Cole is too different, it feels wrong but hillarious lol!

Elimin82690d ago

Yeah, he looks buff as hell.

Warprincess1162690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I was so shocked when they announced this. This looks way better than the 3ds version of SSF4 . The background actually has animations. Im definitely buying the Vita. It just blew me away with all of its titles.

badz1492690d ago

For all it has to offer, priced the same as the inferior 3DS

MoDyDo2690d ago

Boy oh boy this is awesome and I think Cole fits in very nicely, I can't wait XD

Burning_Finger2690d ago

Sony just won the handheld and the console..

user8586212690d ago

ooooo can you also provide lottery numbers??

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The story is too old to be commented.