OXCGN's Sony E3 2011 Conference Wrap-up: A Home Run


"Sony, breaking tradition, had their conference on the first day.

"The entire keynote event was a wild ride full of announcements, breakthroughs and interesting information.

"It was easily the best so far, and OXCGN has a summary of what all went down."

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dktxx22786d ago

The bar wasn't very high, in all fairness.

LOGICWINS2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Yeah Microsoft's wasn't that good if you weren't interested in Kinect. Sony's was FANTASTIC, but I predict Nintendo will have the best press conference of the show.

SilentNegotiator2786d ago

EA's conference was good, though. They at least kept the bar from an early grave.

Gamespot also used a homerun analogy....they "knocked it out of the park"

Lekumkee2786d ago

I like that Jack Tretton almost made that RIIIIIDGE RAAAAACER!! joke... lmao!!!

-Alpha2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )


Definitely Nintendo-- new hardware is most exciting.

I was let down by the Sony conference, it wasn't as great as I expected when it came to PS3 news/PS3 exclusives, and the Vita game demoes were rather boring and pointless as far as I was concerned-- essentially PS3 games demoed on the Vita with touch control.

My really big problem with MS/Sony is their dedication to the motion support which continues to underwhelm. I think it's funny how Nintendo, with its Wii 2 rumours, has pretty much gotten MS and Sony to follow in their footsteps only to have them ditch the motion craze for something completely different.

dktxx22786d ago

Ya the ridge racer thing was funny. I genuinely like Tretton and Kaz as presenters. Reggie on Nintendo's side is good too, he kind of grows on you. But Microsoft's Mattrick is a creep, and Kudo is just pretentious.

Lou-Cipher2786d ago

I was bummed that Kevin Butler didn't make it, and I cant believe we still weren't shown Agent, but other than that it was a damn fine show that Sony put on.

They sure embarrased Microsoft today, that is for sure.



I see where you are coming from. I'm also not plasted away by any conference so far and most likely will be more impressed with Nintendo if they make it a revealing conference (as in reveal the console but also a lot of games).

But I wouldn't say I was let down by either MS or Sony. It was in the lines of what I realistically expected from both. Both could use more new games revealed, and cover on already announced games (no Twisted Metal, no Journey and - deep breath - no Agent again) but it was still ok.

For me Sony was better so far cause cause MS forced too much on the Kinect stuff, while Sony also forced Move, but less time and widespread with other stuff, instead of the big "motion control time". Also the new hardware (Vita was mostly known, but the cheaper 3D glasses and 3D PS TV was cool).

Quite frankly, E3 as whole had been kind of dull this year, just like the last ones, as the love get more spread. Gamescom, GDC, CES and mainly TGS all get some first shows and announcements while last gen this was mostly centered around E3.

Specially in case of Sony they seen to be quite split for conferences, like I hardly believe japanese studios don't have their eyes on PSVita, but I didn't see anyone but Capcom on the E3, expect more 1st and 3rd party stuff on TGS... Same goes for the non-show The Last Guardian. Also I don't see much stuff from Europe.

captain-obvious2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

best conferences SO FAR

1- Sony
2- EA and Ubisoft (About the same really)
3- MS

this E3 so far is WORSE that last E3

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aceitman2786d ago

ps vita 249$ and 299$ . sold ,sold, sold, they will sell alot of these .

Agent Smith2786d ago

Yeah, was expecting the wifi one to be 299, but it came out cheaper than I thought. Uncharted on it looks great, and love how they using more connectivity to the PS3 than the PSP did. Also, SLY COOPER!

Jacks_Medulla2786d ago

While I agree the majority of gamers will purchase a "vita" as soon as possible, I am still uncertain about the rest of consumers. Sony is going to have to work its a$$ off in marketing. The 3ds has the major benefit of having DS in the name, but if Sony uses its marketing budget wisely, it has a chance of being the victor in the handheld market this time around.

MrAwesome2786d ago

It was to me so far, however I'am still disapointed' I just wish more games had been announced for the PS3. Sly 4 was my favorite PS3 annoncement, Dust didn't wow me(neither did MAG back then) and I forgot how the other game was called.

However the PSV was amazing in every way from the games to the price and made wish I had one.

PSV1TA2786d ago


trounbyfire2786d ago

I ASk that as well but since you can play against ps3 gamers the feature might make its way to ps3. makes since plus we are getting an update this year probably before PSV launch

you might not need a phone if you PSV can be a walkie talkies, more reason to carry psv,

so ps home has groups/chat and psv has a party system with chat as well, PS3 better get it or else..

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pain777pas2786d ago

I think Sony held some things back because Microsoft did not perform well. With Saints Row 3 on the stage this means that Rockstar will announce GTV tomorrow at the Nintendo press conference. PSV looks really good for the play create share games. No losses with Tekken either actually it looked better on the OLED than the washed out screen shots we have been getting. I think the cancelled on a few announcements for some reason. Nintendo has the carpet this year which could mean an edge or a beatdown when Sony and Microsoft return.

trounbyfire2786d ago

gta 5 will be multipat so doesn't matter, also sony announced live tv shows free but spent 2 secs on it so of course everyone will say microsoft tv stuff

Therealspy032785d ago

sony and ms both preformed pretty meh. sony's press conference actually put me to sleep after 20 minutes. i woke up just in time to see a bunch of boring over the shoulder vita gameplay. ZZZzzzz

so far, the best parts of E3 have been Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

zoks3102786d ago

Sony destroyed E 2011.

TBM2786d ago

personally i would give

Sony B+
Microsoft D
Ubisoft B

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BadCircuit2786d ago

So far I agree...Sony was more interesting with the games.

DrRichtofen2786d ago

Yeah I'm not even gonna bother with nintendos show, they should of gone today. I'll just watch the articles roll in about wut they announce

Nitrowolf22786d ago

The crowd really loved the price of NGP, i remember PS3 E3 Price revealing. Not much applause i think.

eggbert2786d ago

I would have pegged Sony's at a B- or even a C.

it just seemed a bit off, I guess I got accustomed to them revealing avalanches of titles, whereas this time they only revealed a couple new titles.

Vita price is nice though.

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