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Pandamobile2691d ago

Looks very Crysis-esque.


JBaby3432691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I agree it does resemble Crysis more than Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 was a great looking game so I'm sure they can pump out even more now. Are they still using the Dunia Engine?

a_bro2691d ago

yes, this is running on Dunia Engine.

i_like_ff72691d ago

Im a pc gamer and this honestly looks like Crysis visuals on Console...polygon counts dont look as high but everything else pretty much identical o_O

Darkfocus2691d ago

textures are alooot flatter... lighting doesn't come close either...

waterboy2691d ago

while ignoring other techs that are in place as usual

MaxXAttaxX2691d ago

What's your point:
Looks good enough to me.

femshep2691d ago

ugh cant wait looks like its gonna have the predator/instincts feel to it.....and of course they need to bring back the map editor cause what is farcry without prefer the one before farcry 2 i hated that one....the one before was fine just fix the camera

joab7772691d ago

Like every other game coming out that isn't bioshock, mass effect, battlefield, resistance, skyrim, revelations, and uncharted, they are gonna have to prove themselves as time and money is gonna get short, and the ante has been upped. No one is gonna get away w average anymore. And on top of all that, enter vita and project cafe.

keith-ps32691d ago

was far cry 2 any good i think i passed on it cuz i didnt hear much about it

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The story is too old to be commented.