Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference Round Up

After a late and shaky start from Sony, they may very well have won E3 with some of the announcements that came with the PlayStation Vita - well, that's unless Nintendo don't go and do something stupid tomorrow like unveil a new console.

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Kon2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It was better than that *other* one.

But in my humble opinion, this conference was average. I expected more. No Agent, TLG... FFVSXIII. GoW4 too.

WhittO2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I thought it was a good conference, but I wanted some more new games, was hoping for something Metal Gear related for some reason lol, or Last Guardian?

PS Vita actually surprised me, wasn't expecting that price tag either! Graphics look great, the whole thing just looks really great lol.
They must REALLY be wanting this to sell well from launch!
Bet Nintendo are starting to worry haha.

But PLEASE have good battery life!!!

Uncahrted was amazing as usual.

Resistance 3 looked great, shame about the d*ckhead introducing it haha.

Move is only getting better as the library grows, so many games I'd ACTUALLY want to play!

Starhawk looked really impressive! Can't wait for that too.

Argh sooo many games haha :( wish I wasn't poor lol!

-- O ye, did anyone else catch onto the guy introducing all the PS Vita people, or should I say ROBOT? haha, walking around with robot hands.

Dee_912744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )


I was watching on ps home it was fun chating and dancing and stuff lol

and the psvita is affordable

eh i was satisfyed
i wonder when PD come out

blitz06232744d ago

Can't give it to Sony yet. Nintendo has their next gen console, so expect a lot of details.

Gotta hand it to Sony though. Wasn't really interested in Vita, but that $249 price tag is just too damn good. And of course all those games it comes with!

zeeshan2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@rankftw: What? Are you serious? Nintedo and M$ are yet to go and you are announcing the winner. That in my dictionary is pure fanboyism my man. I don't care who the ef wins E3. I need to see us, the gamers win E3 and beyond! :)

I was expecting a PS3 price drop along (maybe TGS?) with some footage of AGENT and some other games but I guess Sony wanted E3 2001 to be all about PS VITA (the name is stupid, really should have called it PSP2) (but that is just me).

The price tag of PS VITA is prettyyyyy awesome!! Really wasn't expecting it to be $249. I mean that thing is a beast! Really, great job with the price Sony.

I also love the new PS brand Sony 3D TVs and how each user will see a different screen. That's bloody brilliant!!!!!

TheDivine2744d ago

sony doesnt win til we see nintendos 2mro. Cant wait to see cafe. Sonys was good, i expected more new games but im hyped for vita and some other stuff i saw. Ive seen most those games though. Better than MS though wtf was that fable bs?

sikbeta2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It was a really great conference, could have been *The Best* if they actually showed some New Exclusive PS3 games, but overall, was damn Great :D


Agree with most of zeeshan said, Vita sounds odd, but we definitely will end up calling it PSV :P and it seems like Sony really wanted the PSV to shine on this E3

badz1492744d ago

nuff said! so funny looking!

I_find_it_funny2744d ago

Tbh I really like VITA name. It's not any more weird than "360" or "Wii"

egidem2744d ago

At least we can agree on one thing: Microsoft shat on themselves this E3.

Peppino72744d ago

I give it an 8. That 3d tv was really cool and the Vita was very well priced!!!!

Seraphemz2744d ago

@Zeeshan - already had their presser this morning. Did you miss it?

Information Minister2744d ago

I think Sony's press conference didn't disappoint, but it wasn't surprising either. There was no "is this really happening?" moment like last year when Gabe Newell took the stage.

But all the basics were there. New games for the core gamer. New hardware. And I'm glad they pushed move as an alternative for traditional controllers, not as a replacement. Mission accomplished for Sony, i guess.

Dee_912744d ago

dont speak too soon people they will announce games tommorow also

MaxXAttaxX2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

- They showed pretty awesome footage(trailers and info) of Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3, BioShock Infinite, Sly Cooper 4 and Starhawk.

- A new PS3 exclusive game called "Dust514" (from the people who made EVE Online I believe).

- Exclusive Need For Speed content.

- A new BioShock game for the PSV along with Uncharted, StreetFighter x Tekken and LittleBigPlanet for the PSV.

- StreetFighter x Tekken info and Cole(from Infamous) as an exclusive character.

- PSV price is $249. SOLD!

- And ended their conference with style, including Japanese Taiko drummers and a DJ.

Can't remember what else, lol, but Sony delivered.

Whether you expected more DOESN'T make it bellow average. Maybe not "the best ever", but it was definitely above average.

Sony had everything Microsoft didn't have in their conference:
Strong game line-up, exclusive content and no BS.


Now it's Nintendo's turn. Can't wait. Hoping for some good stuff as well :)

zeeshan2744d ago

Daaammnn I missed the M$ conference! Sorry about the confusion folks. I am going to catch up with what M$ had to say but I am dead sure that Sony had more content!

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ZombieAssassin2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I'd agree, it wasn't their best E3 nothing that really surprised me besides Sly 4 and the price of Vita (and the cheap 3D TV). Still a good show though just not as many new titles shown as other years.

Poopee2744d ago

Yeah it was mainly about the PSVita which I didn't care too much for until I watched this. It's really looking awesome. I've never owned a handheld and I think this is the perfect place to start. The price is really good for me too (I feel sorry for the Euros). I feel like they could've shown us more stuff but decided not to. I don't think they showed much Starhawk (I came in the middle of the Uncharted 3 demo) and no The Last Guardian. There is always the TGS. I think Nintendo has a shot at winning this year if they announce GTA V. :O

Mr Tretton2744d ago

Rockstar debut games independantly, you can't blame Sony for that.

I think the main disappointment, is they didn't announce any new PS3 games. They usually end with something like that.

You Noob2744d ago

and what about agent?
independantly? nope

Mr Tretton2744d ago

@r2kcipher, we knew about Sly4 coming, but you're right I forgot about Dust

Denethor_II2744d ago

I agree very much so. We all would expect some spectacular game that has been rumoured, or not, to finish the show, but lets face it, as PlayStation consumers we are all spoilt.

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Etseix2744d ago

IMO it was okay, they didn't srew it up, well yeah they didn't show any surprises at all (big surprises)
BUT, if i remember well, didn't Sony revealed new unnanounced games AFTER E3? just askin.

Blacktric2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It was below average for God's sake. Two games are getting exclusive content for PS3, one new exclusive announcement that we haven't heard before for PS3 which is an HD remake of God Of War PSP games and that's all for the PS3. Shame. Damn shame. Price point of Vita is great though but they need more killer apps besides Uncharted.

callahan092744d ago

One new PS3 exclusive, God of War PSP collection? What? Didn't you see Sly 4? Did you not see Dust 514? Also, they didn't show but mentioned PS3 versions of Ruin and the new Wipeout game. That's better than you make it sound like at least.

Blacktric2744d ago

God Of War PSP collection was the only one we didn't knew about too much. Sly 4 was already known thanks to the obvious teaser in Sly Collection. Dust 514 rumored to be PS3 exclusive days ago. Where was the shocking surprise announcements? Where was Agent which was announced in 2009. Where was Syphon Filter, Medieval game? Nowhere. Granted, Microsoft's conference sucked too but at least they showed something we didn't know about at the end to surprise people.

Clarence2744d ago

No M$ conference was below average.

chester2744d ago

personally i don't care about kinect or vita, so neither presser did much for me.

trollpolice2744d ago ShowReplies(4)
TheLastGuardian20102744d ago

Yeah... seriously wtf sony.

Okay I get the hype for Vita. I honestly do. But I could care less, personally. Great for people who care, great price as well.

But gawd dam it what about the software?

Sure Sly returning is great news, awesome news in fact.

But that's it...really? No adrift, no last guardian news, no versus, no new info on david cages next project, no new ip from santica monica, no agent, no new awesome ip from of your abundant first party devs.

What a waste of time.

Christopher2744d ago

I think people should remember that A) most of the games you mention are being released in 2012 and not 2011 (and many not even mentioned officially) and B) the fact you can list off a huge number of games that you want to hear about and are exclusive to the console.

blu_yu_away2744d ago

I was expecting a number of PS exclusives as well. Hell Sony Santa Monica said they would be announcing 4 new games. What were they?

hetz152744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I was hoping for the PSP remastered series with Kingdom Hearts in it, but alas no luck :(. Otherwise, great price for vita, and the tv bundle set is pretty awesome. Also, considering Sony is trying to cover PS3, Move, and Vita within 2 hours time; they did a decent job.

-Superman-2744d ago

I would liked to have more PS3 but, but ok.
PS Vita is new console and i undestand why they took so much time on that.
Ye, PS vita price is steal

morkendo232744d ago

GAAAW!!, only game impress me was ALL-4-ONE,sly cooper, possible new IP for contra. ms had zilch

Doletskaya2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

To be fair, they both lost. Both conferences were terrible.

Razmossis2744d ago

Sly 4. ONE new game announcement that wasn't for vita or move.

Sony, stop announcing new PSPs!

Didn't feel like a proper e3, no megatonnes at all, if not here, then where?

MaxXAttaxX2744d ago

Strong game line-up, exclusive content and no BS.


Jamzluminati2744d ago

It was terrible in my opinion.

-We are watching

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LOGICWINS2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

For me, Sony delivered an A- press conference
They ensured that the BEST of the fighting, open world, Play. Create. Share, and shooter genres can only be found on the PS platform this year.

Fighting games:
MK9- Kratos exclusive character
Street Fighter Tekken X – Cole exclusive character

Open world games:
Infamous 2
Saints Row: The Third- Exclusive PS3 content

Play. Create. Share:
LBP Vita
Modnation Vita
Infamous 2 user generated content

Uncharted 3
Resistance 3- Move/Sharpshooter support
BF3 – Free BF game as a PS3 exclusive
ALONG with Modern Warfare 3(if that’s ur thing)

I can't give them an A+ because not saying ANYTHING about Agent pisses me off. Oh well, Saints Row 3 will keep me PLENTY busy till then :)

sunnygrg2744d ago

But any Infamous fan would tell you that that is not Cole. That was a some look-alike on steroids.

frjoethesecond2744d ago

There hardly going to juxtapose the look of the game with a hyper realistic charicter model of cole.

LOGICWINS2744d ago

@sunnygrg- Yeah, but they had to find a way to fit Cole into the Street Fighter cartoonish art I don't blame them.

guigsy2744d ago

I was pretty underwhelmed to be honest. They were announcing lots of exclusive content but little in terms of exclusive games. There was no megaton announcement either which made the end pretty anticlimactic. Not much better than Microsoft if you ask me.

beavis4play2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

agreed. we all knew how amazing UC3 and resistance3 would be. but, using so much time talking about all of the services, move, vita and 3D was surprising to me. and what the fu#k was that "sony suite" crap about???!!!! i remember once that sony held the mantra - "it's about games".....i guess that isn't the case anymore.

no "agent". no "last guardian". no "eight days". no "getaway". no new "jak" game. no "syphon filter". no new proper MGS sequel.......i was left VERY underwhelmed.

Cheeseknight282744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"BF3 – Free BF game as a PS3 exclusive"

Really? They are packing in 1943 which has been on the Xbox for a year now. Nothing exclusive at all.

For me, the conference gets a solid B-. The Vita's lineup was all-in-all pretty good. Sly 4 was a welcome surprise, even if after beating the collection it was expected. The Vita has a solid price tag as well, I will likely pick it up especially if Deviants turns out well. But there was not a single game that made me get all excited, something that Microsoft failed to accomplish either. I suppose they are saving the games I am more interested in for TGS.

Can't wait for Nintendo's.

Eyeco2744d ago

A- ? Sorry that's way to high I give it a strong C, personally I couldn't careless for move 3d or vita what I was looking forward to was GAMES and besides sly and that stupid dust game there was really nothing there, and there are games announced 2 years ago that we still font know nothing about e.g TLG , agent what about twisted metal I haven't seen much if that , on the games aspect songs 2011 e3 was a load of shit, hardware was great tho

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Son_Lee2744d ago

This conference was as average as it gets. This E3 has been a terrible one so far. Literally NO surprises. What the hell?!

DarkTower8052744d ago

If you want surprises, stay off N4G. Dust looked pretty damn good though, that game surprised me. Also, PSV now has a price, $249 is not bad for what you're getting.

Son_Lee2744d ago

PSVita is well-priced. Was kind of surprised at Ico/SotC Colleciton releasing in September. God of War Origins Collection surprised me. That Resistance 3 Sharpshooter bundle is enticing. Dust 514 does look awesome.

Nothing beats Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider, and BioShock Infinite.

Redempteur2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

bioshock vita was not a surprise ? what are you , a wizard ?

or the 3d TV at 499$ really something everyone knew right /s ?

DUST 541 is also something eveyrone knew about ... you're right , no surprises at all /s

EDIT : Everyone knew about RUIN , or the cross peripherical chat between PS3/vita ( between games ) or the price of the VITA ..

No surprises at all ...

Der_Kommandant2744d ago

The best of all was Playstation Vita price

Star512744d ago

i literally clapped when i saw the price and said "good job sony". i was waiting for ff versus and, (shamefullly) for xiii-2 since they kept showing clips of it in the vids.

sikbeta2744d ago

I was like OMG! you better not be kidding, after seeing the price tag for a couple of seconds, I was SOLD!

frjoethesecond2744d ago

I was hoping he'd say €599 as a joke.