Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3 includes free copy of Battlefield 1943

The PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 will include a free copy of the downloadable game Battlefield 1943.

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-Superman-2874d ago

Its great for those who dosent have BF 1943 or Bad Company BC2

M-Easy2874d ago

I called this last week and got a lot of disagrees. Smh.

thong_pounder2874d ago

they should of remastered battlefield 2 instead of this, because most of the people that bought bbc2 got this for free, but those that didn't pick it up, this will be a great addition

Poopee2874d ago

I agree because I bought this when it came out. It's a great game but it'll be nothing compared to Battlefield 3 so for Xbox people, this isn't a big loss at all. But it is a nice thing for us Playstation folk. :)

SilentNegotiator2874d ago

I already has (BF:BC2 Ultimate Edition). I'll pass it on to a friend, I guess.

Tuxedo_Mask2874d ago

I already have Battlefield 1943, and all of the trophies for it, but I guess it doesn't matter because I'm going to get Battlefield 3 regardless.

DiLeCtioN2874d ago

well I don't, still need a few for 100%.

sikbeta2874d ago

Indeed, the more the better!

Killzone3Helghast2874d ago

PC version indeed

Just wouldn't be Battlefield without the PC version. 32 v 32 ftw!

Gran Touring2874d ago

I'll be getting the PC version, but that is a very nice incentive.

YoMeViet2874d ago

same for me, my brother and I were going to get the PC ver but when I saw the free game and heard it had co-op its PS3 ver for me.

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creamsoda2874d ago

Whos gonna care about 1943 when you have BF3 instead.

Guess you can't complain about something free.

Ser2874d ago

Why WOULD you complain about something that's free?

creamsoda2874d ago

cos i hate da free stuffs!

Emilio_Estevez2874d ago

It's not instead when you get both.

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The story is too old to be commented.