PS Blog: It’s An Exciting Time to be a Member of the PlayStation Family

Jack Tretton, President & CEO, writes:

"Over the years on the E3 stage, we’ve talked about the “PlayStation family” – our enthusiastic fans and loyal supporters around the world. This year, “PlayStation family” has taken on an increasingly important meaning. I personally want to thank each and every one of you for your patience during the recent PlayStation Network outage. We are extremely grateful for your passion and loyalty. The PlayStation community is stronger and more vibrant than ever and, as detailed a few minutes ago during the E3 press conference, we’re going to thank you for your loyalty with new gaming and entertainment experiences on PlayStation and PSN that will continue to affirm our leadership."

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mayberry2716d ago

Im not going anywhere for my gaming! but, I am gonna use psn cards for my purchases! motorstorm apocalypse, uc3, gt5, infamous 2, kz2/3, starhawk etc..

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sikbeta2716d ago

I'm a member since Long Ago, but damn Sony, you want to see me broken, I'll need Three Jobs lol

Headquarters112716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

^^ LOL this guy is in denial.

Wasn't the best Sony conference, but I was pleased to see dust 514, looks interesting.

Sly 4 excited for that

PS Vita, GREAT price point!!! Definitely getting that I'm looking forward to it..

I wish they would've shown some new games or something so it's kind of disappointing, BUT inFAMOUS 2 comes out tomorrow so us PS3 owners actually have EXCLUSIVES coming out to help with this semi-disappointing E3, while the 360..... well you know lmao.

UC3 beta soon after. Party chat for next PS (PS4) pretty much confirmed with the 'party room' on Vita.

Great time to be a PS owner, I agree Mr. Tretton lol

live2play2716d ago

sony's conference wasnt that great i must admit, they showed games we already knew plenty about, sly 4 reveal was great, i was bored for most of it, esp the move games
the sony vita really shocked me with its price of 249, nintendo has some serious competition

5119ent2716d ago

Nintendo's show to far Ms still at the bottom

Rageanitus2716d ago

well at least sony knows what they are doing halfway through their life cycle... they are in full force attacking nintendo.... and at the same time keep the steam of their core players while letting ms drift off.

PHOSADRA2716d ago

Did anyone notice how the developers always said something like "we don't have enough time, but you can check it out later"

Sony has Ps3 And Vita to show...and with Vita being a new system...they needed extra time for it...

Sony had a nice Conference but couldn't use their nukes because of the amount of time they needed to show PSVita for its holiday launch

With Vita's introduction out of the way... next years E3 will be even better ^.^

I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo runs into the same problem :(
Oh well... Lets see what cafe is like tomorrow ^.^

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

No one excited about the news about the MMO Dust 541?

Has anyone here played EVE Online?

Man, that was a Jaw Dropping surprise.

If they are developing the same Universe of EVE Online to Dust 541 for PS3 and PC Cross game service, is a WIN!!!

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Nes_Daze2716d ago

Their conference was great, can't wait for UC3 and to see more of Dust.

MGRogue20172716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I'm proud to be a member of the PlayStation family with my PS3.. and soon, PlayStation Vita.


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