PSBlog: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – E3 2011 Preview

PS Blog writes: All of Naughty Dog has been looking forward to tonight ever since we announced Uncharted 3 with Entertainment Weekly and showed it for the first time at the SPIKE VGA show back in December. And just a few minutes ago, if you were watching the SCEA Press Conference on any of the live streams, you go to see what we’ve been working so hard to be able to show you!

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trounbyfire2876d ago

i was like "is he going to drown, fight drake, get up"

then i realized it was a demo & that why its GOTY

SantistaUSA2876d ago

The best game from the whole Sony's presentation IMO!

DarkTower8052876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

"The best game from the E3 IMO!"

Fixed! Btw, that's my opinion.

SantistaUSA2876d ago

Well it could be, but got to wait for Nintendo's presentation tho, I just want to see more awesome games :)

badz1492876d ago

with changing terrain as the ship sinking and new gameplay element here and there! plus, Chloe is back! give me that arse!

gravemaker2876d ago

unbelievable game, game of the century no less

InFAMOUS12876d ago

When Drake is standing on top of the building and looks out quickly over the city I realized fapping only needed to last 1.7 seconds.... BEAUTIFUL

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The story is too old to be commented.