Introducing DUST 514, a Persistent Shooter from CCP

PSblog: Hi everyone! I’m the Community Manager for DUST 514, an upcoming title from CCP. This is the first time you’ll have seen DUST 514 highlighted on the PlayStation.Blog and we’re happy that we can reveal more about our game to you.

DUST 514 is a very different type of game. Yes, many people say this about their respective game titles — everyone thinks their baby is special, right? We really mean it though.

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slavish32718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

looks good but im surprise its exclusive seeing the psn issues.

ChronoJoe2718d ago

Why? it's on PSN because PSN is free.

NiteX2718d ago

You do realize everything online can be hacked right?

Godmars2902718d ago

If it were on the 360 it would have to be a on separate server.

zeal0us2718d ago

cross performing between pc and ps3 isn't the best idea(the guy mention it during the e3 presentation), snipping galore and not to mention aimbotting and wallhacks.

Ducky2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I don't think they'll be playing against PC players.

The PC-side is EVE Online, whereas Dust 514 would be on the PS3 only.
Or at least, that's what I got out of the article.

soundslike2718d ago

Yea they did a poor job of explaining what the ps3vpc features were. If you have never seen anything about EVE ever the trailer really didn't mean anything, but I think they tried to show off how the ground battles with DUST (which have not existed in eve) would effect a battle in space by EVE players.

The problem was that it was just too cinematic for people to make any correlation besides "whoa space stuff, shooter, story, meh"

You also saw the prices of all the units being sent to the battle, another bit that would be lost on the average viewer, just "next gen cgi wankery" like the arbitrary numbers in the Michael Phelps trailer.

One more thing, though, the dialogue mentioned being a hired gun, and one shot changing the course of a battle. I think this means that you will be taking out contracts from pc players, and the better your stats, the more they are willing to pay you, and thus you gain recognition as a good player, and get better paid contracts eventually.

This would mean noob-hell, which from what I understand, is right in line with the EVE world lol.

DirtyLary2718d ago

did they reveal how the console matches will effect the mmo?

soundslike2718d ago

They hinted at it, for sure. Check out my post above

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The story is too old to be commented.