Call of duty 3 PS3 Screens.

Here's some new Call of duty 3 screenshots from the PS3 Version. (Thats why I have made it PS3 News only)

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TheMART5872d ago

First off, nice screenshots for the PS3. That's the second thing I see positive after the Resistance ingame stuff.

One comment though: the lightning/HDR in 360 screens seems to be better. Anyone else that has a comment on this?

andy capps5872d ago

Actually I thought the opposite about the lighting/HDR. Certain textures in both are kind of crappy though. Specifically, the grass in #3, and the dirt in #8. Maybe that is the look they are going for, or maybe it's just an early build. I noticed it as well in the demo footage of the Xbox 360 videos that have been released. Especially in that scene where they're going through the graveyard, when you got up close to the gravestones or the walls, the textures were very poor. Hopefully they tighten that up for all of the version by release. Other than that, the pictures look stunning.

What is the release date for this one?

andy capps5871d ago

It's going to be an expensive launch day for me then, as this will be one that I will be buying.. :) Along with Resistance, Warhawk, and probably Motorstorm. I think Heavenly Sword is not going to be at launch, but will be buying that as soon as it is released as well.

ACE5871d ago

yeah the ps3 cant do hdr as well as 360 due to lack of edram (this is fact).

the pics r ok nothing to shout about just like many of the launch tittles for ps3.

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HyperBear5872d ago

Call of Duty in general, has always been the best on Xbox platforms, just because Xbox is mainly a shooters only platform. So Halo, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Medal of Honr, etc. all those wonderful shooters were all meant for Xbox and Xbox 360.