Xbox 360 - E3 2011: Future of the Platform Interview (Video)

GameTrailers writes:

"The future of the 360 revealed as Don Mattrick talks E3 2011 with Geoff Keighley on All Access Live."

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Tony P2718d ago

I'm glad Geoff Keighley asked the questions he did.

"It's voice commands.. Could you not [issue commands in ME3] with a headset?"
"I guess you could... but there's a certain freedom with Kinect."

So basically, ME3 isn't using Kinect in any special technical way. Way to go, guys. Making a big deal out of nothing in your conference.

Also, when asked about the lack of hardcore support, Mattick cites Gears3. Then pretty much dodges questions about MS's lack of first party core titles. he says the guys are doing "a lot of work" in a way I'd say "I've got some irons in the fire" when I was teenage and unemployed.

Encouraging. /s

DigitalRaptor2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Microsoft knows how to pull the wool over people's eyes.

They've turned into such fail more than I ever thought possible. They're trying to emulate Nintendo's success, but stooping even lower, taking the gaming industry back two decades and insulting their fanbase.

A few days ago, I was making considerations about perhaps joining them and buying a 360 'gaming console' sometime in the near future. NEVER HAPPENING! Why? Because they don't seem that concerned about the gaming aspect. Come at me with your "I have plenty of multiplats to play" argument, but that is not even my point. It's sad that you guys can't see the bigger picture. You're all too invested in the Xbox brand to see any of the collective truths that have made themselves clear today!

Their promises and aims with Kinect have fallen flat. All their promising Kinect titles are on-rails or made for kids, just like I said months ago, but was called a troll for it. And they just showed multiplatform titles and the only new major exclusive offerings were Halo.. rinse & repeat.

I can see the regular bunch on here defending them, but just how can any self-respecting 360 fan call their conference anything but terrible? Unless you're into Kinect, the future looks bleak.

Just watch this.. it sums up Microsoft currently better than anything else could:

You guys should all be watching this and pondering it for a while!