If Lightning Strikes, Drop the PlayStation And Pick Up a Book

Chris Bergin and his brother, Ben, were jamming along to "Message in a Bottle" on the videogame Guitar Hero 2 during a storm in June when a bright light flashed and a thunderclap shook their house in Wilton, Conn.

The lightning strike nearby triggered a power surge that snaked through the house's electrical system to Mr. Bergin's PlayStation 2 then traveled through the wiring to the plastic guitar controller pressed up against his stomach.

With the spread of high-tech devices, including laptops and videogames, means there are new ways in which people can suffer injuries or property losses, even in the relative safety of their homes. A division of Sony Corp., Sony Computer Entertainment America, the maker of PlayStation products, says it hadn't heard of incidents like this and says its devices come with safety instructions about lightning. Activision Inc., which makes the Guitar Hero game, advocates staying off electronics during storms.

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Shankle4871d ago

I guess they must have been shockingly bad....

Tranz4871d ago

i swear if i see another crappy news story or rant or 1990s movie review im going to stop coming to this web site. stick to real game news

Fux4Bux4871d ago

Yeah seriously. This has already been posted before at least once too.

Lotto4871d ago

How is this gaming news ?

WilliamRLBaker4871d ago

a guitar hero controller, a ps2, sony commented them selves on it...yeah..its gaming news.

WilliamRLBaker4871d ago

here comes the sonyfanboys oh its a blood mask article all hes doing it posting something anti sony blah blah blah! I gurantee it will happen.

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He found one... hoorayyyyyy

what????? no Ken Kuratagi picture?? something's wrong

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