New Disgaea 3 screen shots emerge

Nippon Ichi sends Gamersyde a giant new batch of screens for the role-playing strategy (SRPG) game Disgaea 3 planned as an exclusive Playstation 3 title at the end of January 2008 in Japan. A new gang of characters is installed, including Mao, Raspberyl, Almaz and Jiiya at their Maritsu Evil Academy school. They, along monsters, have really bad looking sprites.

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tocrazed4you4875d ago

Sounds good and looks to be awesome. Hope it is.

switch-it4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

No it looks terrible, like a PS 1 game on a PS3. Very disappointing.

Edit: 4 disagrees? You guys really think it looks good?

hazeblaze4875d ago

You've never played any Disgaea games obviously... that's their signature art style. Even on the PS2, the games don't push any kind of hardware limits... they simply use a really fun art style and story that you enjoy playing through for hundreds of hours at a time. It will undoubtedly pack the deepest gameplay of any other rpg title just like the past two installments did. Disgaea 2 is the only PS2 game I still play on the PS3.

mesh14875d ago

haha this iw the game sony fanboya were hyping a couple of days 300hr gameplay it looks like a ps1 game and its on PS3

Charlie26884875d ago

What I notice is that the cut scenes are all in High Res which is fantastic...but in the gameplay while scenarios definitely seem to be of a much higher res that ins predecessors and like I predicted the special effects are all in HD...the characters seem to remain the same low res as the previous games...while its not bad its sort of disappointing considering the rest looks VERY good

lodossrage4875d ago

It was ALWAYS about enjoyment and pure fun. Not to mention 100+ hours of gameplay.

Alot of you xbots try to crap on ps3 about this game. But watch how well this sells.

This game sells better than many of your "great graphics" games.

The problem is most gamers act like 5 year olds. Graphics, graphics, graphics is all you talk about. Yet everyone seems to forget a game is suppossed to be about FUN.

This is why the wii is currently the top console. Granted alot of their games suck after like a day.

All I'm going to say Disgaea 3 is a MUST buy

Bebedora4875d ago

that is not Disgaea's strong points. It's not gahrs o waah, or killah zone 2. It's Disgaea. Strategy with tons and tons of possiblities to it making a strategy fan go nuts.

hazeblaze4875d ago

Exactly, the Disgaea games on the PS2 had PS1 graphics... and were easily the best rpg's on the system! This is a day one purchase for me!

doomsonyman4875d ago

man the ps3 has so many quality games i can hardly keep track

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The story is too old to be commented.