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stonecold32694d ago

i like this trailor see drake wish november was here already

M-Easy2694d ago

This game proves we are in the golden era of gaming.

LarVanian2694d ago

How could anyone 'not' want this game after seeing this?

Tank_Commander_E62694d ago

I can't wait for the MP beta.

M-Easy2694d ago

I cant wait for the early access to the real MP. Sony is really innovating here. I mean play the real MP before the game comes out. That's just ridiculous.

JimboG2694d ago

That was so friggin awesome

stvn_k262694d ago

It is indeed IN GAME FOOTAGE!! Awesome graphics, gears of war 3 who??

MaxXAttaxX2694d ago


I like how the Uncharted games treat you to a different environments and experience with each game.
Never looks exactly the same :)

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The story is too old to be commented.