Chloe and Elena Returning to Uncharted

The news from the Sony Press Conference keeps rolling out. Some great story news came out about the next Uncharted game.

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stonecold32695d ago

i will get this one love uncharted series

Agent Smith2695d ago

Hell yeah, U1 with Elena, U2 with Chloe, now U3 with Katherine. Rawr. Lovin' the older ladies.

phoenixdown2695d ago

cannot wait to see dat booty in uncharted 3.

NateCole2695d ago

I think Sully might get Chole. He is a dirty old man after all.

jams_shop2695d ago

Hey! Old people need love too.

NateCole2695d ago

Haha yeah i know. I was just thinking that because at the end of U2 he seems to be going after her and i was only repeating what nate said.

dopeboimagic922695d ago

I would have thought that Chloe wasn't going to be in this game the way Uncharted 2 ended but they brought her back. Now THAT'S some fan service ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.