Sony's 40GB PS3 arrives in retail store stockrooms

Absolutely no surprises here folks, but Engadget has managed to attain a few photos of the box of the new 40GB PlayStation 3 due to officially launch on November 2nd. These shots come from the storeroom of an unnamed major retail store so it's not like anyone's selling them just yet, unlike the botched launch of a certain other games console.

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PimpHandHappy4874d ago

i havent seen one TV spot for this bundle. Do my EU ppl get the brunt of Sony PR because we dont see it here....

jackdoe4874d ago

I don't know. Maybe they'll make an ad push with the release of Spidey 3 next week.

Premonition4874d ago

Dont forget sony starts their new TV advertisements next week.

Charlie26884874d ago

I think should attack with the TV advertisements as they did with Blu ray..remember how like 24/7 there was a advertisements about something Blu ray related and I bet you it got people moving to the stores to see what is there Blu ray the TV keeps telling me about

And as far as results we have all seen the 2-1 sales ration and I have sen 2 LIVE Blu Ray purchases thanks to the TV advertisements at Best Buy (one PS3 the other a Stand Alone Player)

So I REALLY hope they brutaly attack with TV advertisements

feejo4874d ago

Who approved that old new' everyone know it is coming, we already saw pictures.

Antiomo4874d ago

In each ps3 to educate ppl about blu-ray, and to take full advantage of this technolgoy you must have 1080 p tv with hdmi reciever.