E3: Sony says PSN use is at 90% of original level, PS3 sales up 27% over last year

According to Jack Tretton, PlayStation Network’s activity is at 90% of its original level – an impressive number, considering how many credit card numbers were stolen.

Almost as impressive is the fact that PS3′s sales numbers are up 27% from this time last year – that’s gotta be making Sony happy after the fear that support would be completely dropped after the PSN crash in April.

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rabidpancakeburglar2876d ago

I'm not surprised by the rise in the sale of consoles but the 90% stat certainly surprised me.

zoks3102876d ago

CHU, CHU like a train hackers, PSN still pushing through! suck it.

cheetorb2876d ago

Hell yeah, all because of Armageddon Riders!! Ha ha. Just got that game last night, so funny. Burnout Paradise with zombies.

Ddouble2876d ago

More than 90 percent if i remember correctly.

MasterCornholio2876d ago

A song dedicated to sony.

Your never going to keep sony down.