Sony PlayStation Eye and Eye of Judgment Review by PC World 4/5

If gamers are into collectible card games, several hundred dollars for a PlayStation 3 and another additional cost for the game and Eye hardware make Eye of Judgment the most expensive card game in history. On the other hand, PC Gamer can't say they have ever enjoyed a collectible card game as much, if only for the inexplicable satisfaction derived from watching your TV screen respond in elaborate detail to basic physical gestures with fluid animations and flashy explosions and plenty of cheesy, booming fantasy voiceovers.

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ngg123454869d ago

That was odd. Also it is 4 stars

shmee4869d ago

EOJ is a good game no doubt

IGN and GT have given it 8 and 8.3

EOJ is also on topsellers list of most retailers in NA and EU

ruibing4869d ago

I stopped reading their magazine long ago when I realized its for people with very little PC experiences. Their tweak tips and troubleshooting techniques are very mundane and ineffective. I don't trust most of their opinions when it comes to computers even since they don't even know how to benchmark or price them correctly.

TheExecutive4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

"If gamers are into collectible card games, several hundred dollars for a PlayStation 3 and another additional cost for the game and Eye hardware make Eye of Judgment the most expensive card game in history."

well, I suppose his logic would work if you buy one game for a gaming system and then never buy another game for that system...


Quit leeching off of my post so you can flame on.

lawman11084869d ago

This is a joke right? the only people who will play this are the Japs.

colony4869d ago

sorry xbot.
since this is selling great in the US... it seems like your wrong...
*laugh in your face*


Do you know that people who made this game are from Wizard of the Coast, and yes, they are American and they make this game for American.

SabreMan4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

This is a joke right?

I know you meant to put Japanese as i know your not that ignorant,
it's a game thats selling very well, so no it isn't a joke


wtf you talking about you ignoramus are you naturally this dumb i didn't mention a wizard ??

let me guess what a game needs for you to class it as a video game

guns and explosions - am i right ?? i thought so !!

you use an offensive word to describe the japanese you sure are a real big man, yes you are ignorant why not go back under the bridge and stick your head back in the sand you moron

lawman11084869d ago

And I dont know ANY wizard of anything my nerd friend. This is far from what I would call a "video game" So I laugh in YOUR face $ony f-ag I know your hard up for games but come on..........

lawman11084869d ago

Yes I ment Japanese no I met to type the word Jap so I guess I am that ignorant.

LeonSKennedy4Life4869d ago

Lawman...I award you with the "Idiot of the Day" award!!!


(and there was much rejoicing...)

PimpHandHappy4869d ago

if this game was 10's across the board i wouldnt play it

that being said

~~sip of coffee~~

i really like the idea. Has anything like that been done b4? I never even thought of a table game that works on your TV while u play around the table in your house was even posiable. Thats mainly because i never thought of it.

~~Boston cream yummy~~

Just think if Sony brings in classic board games in the future. If your a older gamer u might have heard of Shoots and Ladders and i know u heard of Monopoly.

~~lights cig~~

Bloodmask why is it you find the only review that puts a negative tone on it. WHY BLOODMASK WHY

tientch14869d ago

if they can bring game like Monopoly, scrabble and so on out.
That will be fantastic

Premonition4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Good score, personally im a card gamer, well back in the day i was, with a big game called Magic The Gathering, if your a card gamer then this game will probably be for you, and CCG is a big thing all over the world, but only card gamers would know about this such as myself, so I wouldnt be surprised if this game sold atleast over 100k first month or more depending on what channels sony is showing the commercials on, hopefully this game will push for parents to get them the 399 system and this game, that would be a great christmas for cousins and friends on Christmas day to battle out each other, and who knows maybe stores might carry PS3's just to do tournaments with this game, it could be pretty big.

jaja14344869d ago

I still rather play Magic in person though. :(

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