Mass Effect 3 'doesn't need Kinect for voice commands'

@XG247: Don Mattrick just dropped a miniature bombshell on what was seen as a 'Kinect Exclusive'.

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XGN_Alex2691d ago

I was wondering why headsets weren't a viable option, turns out that's because they are.

-Alpha2691d ago

And even then most people just want to press a button. Who is honestly going to play a single player game reading the lines out loud to themselves?

It's pointlessly forced on.

maniacmayhem2691d ago

The same people who scream into their DS Phoenix Wright games.
If there's a kinect option for ME3 more power to it. At least there's an option for the people who actually bought it.

Skip_Bayless2691d ago

I like the feature. Obviously there will be more features annouced later on.

RedDead2691d ago

I will actually do it, it's quite quick in comparison too buttons I think. This is not limited to the 360 either

SilentNegotiator2691d ago

Good to hear. This means that the PS3 versions will have the "kinect" features also, right?

somerandomdude2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Microsoft really wants developers using kinect features.

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voodoopickle2691d ago

was funny is that ps did this with socom a long time ago

Tony P2691d ago

So it doesn't require Kinect exclusive hardware. There you go.

I think it's now only a matter of time until we discover you can use any old headset on any platform to take advantage of voice command. And because of that, the same feature will be in all versions of the game.

fluffydelusions2691d ago

I'd still rather just use a controller.

MariaHelFutura2691d ago

Honestly, I think it`ll be faster/more efficent to use a controller over saying the lines.

hetz152691d ago

plus yelling at your tv will make you look more idiotic.

Winkle922691d ago

I think immersion is what it's all about.

beast242tru2691d ago

lol lmao i mean they tried to make it seem like its new and fresh and inovative and onli posible on kinect lmfao

PS3ROCKS2691d ago

Yeah PS Move could do this

ginsunuva2691d ago

You meant PSeye, right? Of course you did. Now get lost.

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The story is too old to be commented.