Halo: Anniversary to feature Firefight Mode "Although withheld from the announcement trailer, a fact sheet for Halo: Anniversary has clearly stated that the newly announced Halo: Anniversary will be featuring “a stunning and resonant new Firefight map.”"

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DeFFeR2878d ago

That's because it's pretty much just Halo: CE as an add-on for Halo Reach... the 7 multiplayer maps will be integrated into Halo Reach multiplayer (Much like ODST held a disc for Halo 3 multiplayer...)

Multiplayer will look like Halo Reach, same with Firefight.

turnerdc2878d ago

Unlike ODST it's coming at a bargain price which is really nice!

SilentNegotiator2878d ago

Exactly. It's Reach's it has a feature from Reach's multiplayer?!?!?! OH MY BOUNCY JESUS!!

TXIDarkAvenger2878d ago

Well by having Reach's multiplayer, I hope it doesn't have those power abilities.

ShottySnipa4172878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

It WILL be Reach. HCE:A will basically do what ODST did in the past, with the Campaign and Multiplayer modes use separate engines and possibly be on different disks.

Now, however, since it is planning on being $40, it won't be as bad of a purchase to those being optimistic about the contents of the game. I, on the other hand, can't wait for this to come out. November can't come sooner! =D

Max_Dissatisfaction2878d ago

Best halo campaign + best halo multiplayer engine = win

SilentNegotiator2878d ago

"best halo multiplayer engine"

"Best halo mutliplayer GAMEPLAY" is debatable, though. I'd say Reach took a few too many cues from COD.

TXIDarkAvenger2878d ago

That's true. I don't hate Reach but the multiplayer in Halo 3 was so much better. This game better not have those abilities again that were in Reach.

ShottySnipa4172878d ago

The multiplayer maps in this game are going to be in Halo: Reach. It will be just like how the Mythic II maps from ODST's second disk went into Halo 3's multiplayer mode.

femshep2878d ago

i wanna know how that classic view to HD view on the fly is gonna work that really seemed interesting on getting first glimpse of how they changed things that light bridge i wish they showed that HD

wwm0nkey2878d ago

Frankie actually said that the Back button will change the graphics on the fly, so really just push back and BOOM!

EZMickey2878d ago

Seriously? I love the armour abilities a hell of a lot more than the deployables.

Deployables were not persistant (like Call of Duty's Perks) and weren't big game deciders (like Unreal Tournament's power ups) and because of that most players in my experience only used them when they remembered or if they were bothered. Most matches I played went with Deployables left untouched.

Armour Abilities on the other hand, because they're persistant, allow the game to be more dynamic. Hence they actually get used in multiplayer. I would be disappointed to see them go. Armour Lock FTW.

aPerson2878d ago

I wonder if they'll end up remaking the second game next.

NoobJobz2878d ago

If this one sells, you bet they will.